Thursday, June 11, 2015

Pour Me Another Cuppa Coffee!

Coffee is obviously the most popular morning beverage.  Most adults enjoy that first cup of coffee each morning.
It amazes me how a single cup of coffee carries so much influence on our society.  Many people admit that without their morning cup of coffee they wouldn't be able to function.  I don't think I'm quite that bad, but my morning coffee does make me function quicker.  It just gets my 'motor' running!

Is it the taste,
or is it the scent,
Announces each morning,
wide-eyed intent.
Yes, I'm on the porch again having my coffee.  It's a wonderful place to be and you'll find me here every morning.  I don't stay out there too long these days, it's getting hot in Texas!
We often go to breakfast at our local Denny's Diner.  A year or so ago we noticed they had new mugs and we liked them.  So Mr D just asked our waitress if we could purchase a couple of their new mugs, and she said yes! I have a small collection of mugs from various places around town.  It's a fun thing to do!
Until Next Time
Wishing Happy and Blessed Days



  1. I get a headache if I don't have my coffee! 😝☕

  2. I used to be very addicted and would get a headache without my morning coffee. Now I can go without, but why would I want to? LOL

    I never thought about asking to buy cups from a restaurant. What a great idea!

  3. I love my visit with you ,Mary, sitting on your porch and chatting I learn so much!
    I didn't know restaurants would sell you there cups!
    Be Blessed,

  4. What a wonderful post, Mary and thank you, I think I will take another cuppa', if you don't mind, wink. Blessings

  5. Mmmm.... I love my coffee and am enjoying my second cup as I write this :) Happy weekend, sweet Mary. Hugs!

  6. Oh, I love morning coffee too, Mary! I only recently began drinking it everyday... A little honey to sweeten and oh my! So delicious! I love the smell...the taste - being able to wrap my hands around the warm mug... :)
    Have a happy weekend, dear Mary and much love!


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