Friday, July 24, 2015

Believe In Miracles

“A miracle is more than something unusual, though in ordinary speech we might call such events miracles. A true miracle is something beyond man’s intellectual or scientific ability to accomplish. It is not natural, it is supernatural."
C.S. Lewis

In the gospels we find 35 specific miracles performed by Christ.  These miracles were not confined to one specific sphere so they couldn’t be considered trickery.

Jesus performed miracles on nature.
He performed miracles on human beings.
And He performed miracles on demons.

Behind every miracle Jesus performed there was a great purpose.

 Through miracles Jesus demonstrated His deity.
Through miracles Jesus revealed the limitless power of God.
And through miracles Jesus taught great lessons of faith.

Do you believe in miracles?
I sure do!

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  1. When I was just a wee girl, there was an adorable Bible story on television every Sunday morning... I can still remember the one on Jesus' miracles and the sweet song that went along with it... ''I believe in miracles, I believe in Jesus...''. And so on... Aww! Such precious memories!
    I do indeed believe in miracles and have witnessed many... I praise Jesus for using them to strengthen my faith!
    Thank you for this beautiful post today, dearest Mary! Have a blessed weekend!

  2. Oh yes I do believe in miracles....and I've witnessed them in my own life. Thanks for the reminder, my Friend. HOPE you have an awesome weekend!

  3. Yes, ma'am, I sure do...thank you for such a lovely post, Mary. Have a happy Friday, my friend. Blessings

  4. Life itself is a Miracle ! Thanks Mary, for this inspiring post!
    Have a blessed weekend!


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