Monday, December 21, 2015

Family Christmas Party

It was a wonderful week-end and now it's time to start a wonderful new week. 

Our family 'get-together' Saturday evening was so much fun.  The fellowship was awesome and so was the food ~ the cousins all gathered and played 'heads-up', it was fun watching them have a great time.  Then we gathered around the tree and watched the little ones open their gifts.  The delight on their little faces was so heartwarming and brought back precious memories of my own children opening Christmas gifts from under the tree.  Then it was time for smores! 

My SIL made a fire outside in the firepit and more fun began.  Now the delight was on the big kids faces!  I didn't sit too close to the fire, I wanted the kids to have plenty of room to enjoy theirselves.  But I sat close by and my sweet granddaughter, Tara, brought me a blanket.  Oh my, that felt good and I was warm and cozy with a front row seat to enjoy my family.

My oldest daughter Tracey and her hubby Scott have hosted our Family Christmas Party for several years. 

The best host and hostess!!
Thank You for always opening your beautiful home to the family!

Today is another very special day!  Mr D and I are celebrating our 53rd anniversary.  WoW!

I was pleasantly surprised when I saw this on facebook this morning ~ from our daughter, Tammy.

A short story...
Mr D and I were shopping in Kroger a few years ago.  As always, he's in charge of the buggy and I'm in charge of filling the buggy!  Well, here we were stopped in the aisle while I was trying find something...I don't remember what !!  Anyway, this young woman came up and needed to get by...she was very nice as she said to Mr D, "excuse me honey bunny" and just went right on passed him down the aisle.  hmmmm....I watched her as she strolled along and I looked back at Mr D and I asked him, "Did you hear what she said?"  Of course he said, 'no'  !!!!  Well, I told him, and now that has become a joke between us....I call him "Honey Bunny" and roll my eyes!  We've laughed and had a lot of fun from that little episode.  Just imagine my delight when I found this picture on the web to share with him for our anniversary....

Life is Good
Feeling Blessded

Until Next Time
Keep the spirit of Christmas in your Heart!


  1. Your post had me smiling all the way through! Happy anniversary!! I wish you a happy and healthy and love-filled year ahead. This time next year I will renew that wish for you!! Love the photos and it is so great that your daughter hosts the family Christmas gathering each year. Great memories being made for everyone!!

  2. Oh, happy anniversary to you and Mr. D. 53! What a blessing of a long, happy marriage.

  3. What a wonderful family gathering you had. Happy Anniversary to you and your 'honey bunny'. Pray you have many more happy years!

  4. What a lovely story and finding the Honey Bunny picture topped it off! Happy Anniversary! We made it to just a month shy of 52 years before my honey bunny/fuzzy bear passed away. Your family Christmas party looks like a lot of fun!

  5. Cute post. Happy Anniversary to you and your Hunnybunny. A very Merry Christmas...


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