Saturday, December 5, 2015

Questions from Cindy, Answers from Me !!

Went visiting over at Cindy's place and look what I found!  She has a list of questions she she would like for us to answer.  Christmas Bear is here to help we go....

1: Do you prefer an Artificial or a Live Christmas tree?
I prefer a live tree but for convenience in my 'elderly' years we have an artificial tree.  It's really cute, it's a fiber optic tree, just plug it in and enjoy the pretty lights.

2: Do you prefer colored lights or clear lights on your tree?
Colored for me, although Mr D likes solid blue lights!

3: Would you say that your Christmas dinner is traditional or different?
We always have a traditional Thanksgiving dinner but Christmas is something different every year. We've done gumbo, oh so good, and we've done chicken spaghetti...that's good because it's easy to prepare and feeds a lot of people.

4: When do you begin Christmas shopping?
When my children were young I started in August, now I'm a last minute shopper. We don't exchange gifts anymore between the adults, just buy for the little ones.

5: What is your favorite Christmas movie to watch?
Absolutely love Miracle on 34th Street, the old one with Natalie Wood.

6: Are you a Hallmark Christmas Movie fan?
I am.

7: Do you travel during Christmas or stay home?
We stay home, we are so blessed that all of our children live close by.

8: Who is the easiest person to buy for in your family?
Can I say 2 people? I love shopping for our precious little g-grand daughters, Ava and Emma.

 9: Do you like to wrap your gifts or prefer gift bags if possible?Gift bags for sure.

10: What is the one stress you feel you have at Christmas?
When I was hosting Christmas at our house I found it very stressful. I have a large family and eventho I always looked forward to the family being at the house, making preparations was very stressful.

Bonus Question: What is one your favorite Christmas memories with your children?
So many, hard to pick just one. I guess one of the best memories is the year we left them a message under the tree, of course the message was from Santa, to go look in the garage. Talk about 4 kids storming through the house to get to the backdoor!!! They couldn't believe their eyes, there in the garage was the prettiest, shinyest new bikes ever!! They squealed with delight. Oh so long ago and far away!

This was fun, I hope you'll stop by Cindy's Place and say hello!

Christmas Bear says Merry Christmas!



  1. I loved all your responses, Ms. Mary. Christmas....well, the "worldly" part of the celebration, just isn't as much fun as I get older....except through our grand-kiddos. They don't believe in Santa, something their parents have told them isn't real. Somehow that takes away some of the excitement. I guess I don't see the problem....but they're ONLY my grands and I'm old and what do I know!!! LOL Happy Saturday!

  2. Loved your answers because most of them would be the same as mine. We are blessed also to have our children and g.children close by. We have a tiny little fake tree that is pre-lighted and it is so small, it fits on our mantel. I have my Christmas village in the kitchen window over the sink. That is our decorations.

  3. Fun questions and I sure enjoyed your answers!! I will pay a visit to Cindy!

  4. Mary---I just love your new profile picture...smiles....thank you for sharing your answers...Blessings

  5. Enjoyed reading your answers Miss Mary! Thanks for playing with me! LOL! Hugs and blessings, Cindy


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