Monday, January 11, 2016

Monday Morning Coffee Talk

Not much happening around here, things have settled down since the holidays and day to day living is at hand.

Last Friday as my friend and I were just outside the restaurant for our GLOW meeting, when we were approached by a young man (maybe 16 - 19 yrs old) that asked to borrow a phone.  Well, one thing led to another and the incident was over....we thought!  As other things took place it was evident we were the target of a scam that went bad.  God was sure protecting us.  The manager was informed, the police were called and a report was made.  Ladies, this appeared to be so innocent, please be careful when you're out.  We both feel so blessed that God dismantled whatever was supposed to happen.

A few post back I mentioned I was listening to Max McLean read the Bible, it was a 'thru the Bible in a year' series.  I was really enjoying it but I found I needed to stop along the way and think about the message being read.  That's hard to do with this program.  I also never realized how much I stop and research scripture as I study, that's was also hard to do with this program.   I like to hilite scriptures and make notes in the margins, certainly can't do that with an audio bible. 

Do you do this?

  I know some are hesitant to scribble in their Bible....but I'm not....well, not in my day to day Bible.  We have a nice family Bible, I wouldn't want to cover the margins with my notes in that one.   Anyway, I'm not listening to Max McLean any longer, I'm back in my  day to day Bible.  It's a very special friend! 

Just so ya know!
I love Max McLean and his reading of God's Word is awesome.

I find myself watching television less and less and listening to FM radio KCHB 105.7 more and more. I enjoy it so much, there's music, bible studies, teachings, and sermons from some wonderful pastor's.  I now have two radios, one in the back part of the house and one right by my chair here in the living room.  As I was getting dressed this morning First Baptist Church of Houston was livestreaming ~ two comments were made that touched me:

When I'm focused on me,
It's hard to focus on He.

Our blessings come from time spent with God.

And this quote by Tim Tebow was on facebook this morning:

God loves each one of us like there is only one of us to love.

Listen to KCHB 105.7 HERE

I guess that's enough chit chat for today.

I just want to Thank God for protecting my friend and I last Friday.
His word is true.

And the Lord will deliver me from every evil work and preserve me for His heavenly kingdom.  To Him be glory forever and ever, Amen!
II Timothy 4:18

But the Lord is faithful, who will establish you and guard you from the evil one.
II Thessalonians 3:3

God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.
Psalm 46:1

Amen and Amen

Until Next Time
((hugs)) and blessings!


  1. Okay...first of all I DID NOT see your post before I did's just that we have GREAT minds!!! ;-) Second....When I'm focused on me,
    It's hard to focus on He....that quote is AWESOME!!! Third...thanking God that all went okay with you and your friend...God is so good!!! And, fourth...and final...I find I have to kinda "re-group" when reading, too. And, yes (okay, I guess this is fifth)...I do write in my Bible!!! Happy Monday, sweet Friend.

    1. Deb, you're not going to believe this! I felt the same when I read your post this morning....AND....I used the phrase, 'Marvelous Monday' on the GLOW facebook page this morning!

    2. Kindred Spirits, we are!! :) I love it!!!

  2. I scribble and draw in my Bible! A few years ago, I would not have done that but I got my Mother's Bible, after she passed, and it has all these wonderful notes and even some poems that she wrote. I even found a recipe or two in it. Her Bible was much like a diary, I suspect. Such a treasure for me. I decided to do the same with mine so my granddaughter might look to my Bible, not only for guidance, but also to feel close to me when she is an adult.

    So glad the incident turned into nothing. God is good!

    Grace & Peace.

    1. WoW, sounds just like my Momma's Bible. She went to heaven last Feb. and I now have her Bible. Very blessed for sure.

  3. I only highlight in my Bible...I was always told to never mark in the Bible...old habits are hard to break. I love Tim Tebow--my parents know his parents well.

    Thank you for such a lovely post...many Happy Blessings to you, friend.

  4. It is such a shame that we have to be so very careful these days. We've gone from a people who trust and love to a people who are wary of strangers and even neighbors. I'm so blessed to have grown up in the era of trust and love. I'm sad for kids today.

    My daily Bible has pencil marks and notes all through it. I just started my fourth year through it and I love that I made notes in previous years that make me stop and think today. Mine is well used, as it should be!!

    Wishing you a blessed week ahead!!

  5. I always write in my bible, I remember when my oldest grandson first saw me do it he commented in unbelief "Grandma you wrote in your bible". I thought fast and told him it is my study bible and it's ok to write in it. He's older now and understands.
    Glad all went well with the phone incident! Be careful out there, it's sad we can't trust others but this day and time, it's not good too.

  6. Really enjoyed your words today. You always have good things to say. Glad you are okay with that scam.

  7. Oh I like that Tim Tebow quote.


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