Friday, March 18, 2016

The Hamner's aka The Walton's

When my children were young and still at home we always watched The Walton's.  It was a wonderful show of family life during the depression, it touched me because it was based on a real family, Earl Hamner's family.
This is the Earl Hamner home in Virginia.  Such a pretty place.
Another view of the house.
The Walton Home in the TV series.
The Hamner Family
The Walton's
On the left, Earl Hamner.  On the right John Boy Walton, whose character was scripted after Earl.
A great picture of them years after The Walton's...

To my friend Deb...
Hope it's okay that I didn't share my own pictures today.  I lost all my pics when my laptop died.  Hopefully I'll be back next week with my own pics!

Until Next Time
I'm standing on the promises of God!


  1. Pictures are pictures, my FRIEND!!! ;-) Plus, I really enjoyed this...brought back memories of watching this show with Jess when she was growing up. Oh, life was so much simpler then, wasn't it? HOPE you have a great weekend and get your new laptop up and running soon.

  2. I didn't' know it was based on a true story. We watched it too and love it. How sad you lost all your photos...ugh!

  3. What a fascinating post, Mary! I never knew this. I have always enjoyed the Waltons. I often have to share others photos when I just can't come up with my own! Have a blessed weekend.

  4. Oh wow, I had no idea it was based on real people. We still watch it, its on cable now. Thank you for such a lovely post. Blessings

  5. I used to watch that show. It was great.

  6. I often wish we could return to such simpler times, even though they had their trials and disappointments, but they had such a strong family bond and faith in the Lord that held them together. Our country could use a good dose of that today.

  7. I loved the Waltons. What a wonderful show it was!

  8. Great post - our family watched The Waltons too.


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