Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Books, Books, Books!

The most wonderful thing happened today!

When the mail came this morning there were some coupons from Barnes & Noble.  There were two that were 20% off and both expired on June 19th.  We were going into Pasadena anyway so I thought I would use one coupon for one book.  Naturally when I got in the store my decision maker went haywire!  Oh, I want this one, no, I want that one, on my, that one looks good too.  Yep, haywire!!  Suddenly one book turned into three books!!

Up to the cashier I went with my one little coupon in hand, and one still in my purse.  I knew they wouldn't let me use both coupons on one purchase ~sigh~ but as I talked with the cashier I discovered she was very friendly, which gave me the courage to shyly ask," Can I redeem both coupons on this purchase, pretty please?" 

Very courteously, she replied, NOPE.  Well drats, at least I tried.

It was then I noticed a twinkle in her eye, hmmmm, what's she up to?  That sweet girl divided my purchases into two, and let me use both coupons.  Bless her heart.

Forty percent off of my three little books, it's been a Terrific Tuesday!

As our dear friend Deb says....

Ain't God Good?
Oh, yes He is!!

Until Next Time
I've got some reading to do!


  1. What a precious young lady!!! I had a God moment today, too. Went for my blood work and I'm pretty difficult to stick....I didn't even feel the needle go into my arm and the girl taking my blood and I got into a conversation about the Lord. Oh, yes...HE.IS.SO.GOOD!!! HOPE you've had a great Wednesday....I'm running REALLY late!

  2. That was so nice of that young lady. Alas, most of my books I get from amazon or I'm glad you were able to get coupons for Barnes & Noble.


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