Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Tea Talk

"Come and share a pot of tea.
My home is warm and my friendship's free".
Emilie Barnes, American author and speaker

Today I'd like to sit and sip,
Forget the world a little bit,
Ignore the things
I have to do,
And just enjoy a cup or two.

Graceful china cup
Sterling silver spoon
Devotions set apart
My heart to His attune.

Time in His presence
Sips of English tea
Moments to remember
His great love for me.


  1. Beautiful poem, Ms. Mary. I'd love to share a pot of tea or coffee with you. Hope your Tuesday is going well...we've got rain in our neck of the woods.

  2. So sweet and pretty, and just what I needed to contemplate for a few minutes!

  3. Oh what fun we could have, sweet friend...smiles.

  4. Love me a pretty tea cup Miss Mary. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  5. What a lovely poem. The teapot and cups and saucers are just beautiful! Anything tea pot and pink immediately grabs my attention. Have a lovely day.


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