Thursday, May 26, 2016


I love a good laugh, how about you?

Laughter is a melody,
A concert from the heart,
A tickling by the angels,
Creative, living art.
Laughter heals and comforts,
It's sometimes gentle - sometimes bold.
Laughter is a healing dance,
Performed within the soul.

Laughter is truly contagious.  Sometimes at a meeting or over a family dinner, someone will say something that will set all of us off into fits of unstoppable giggles.  We return to conversation with loosened muscles and better spirits. 

Thank You Lord for the gift of laughter.

My family, I thank you that we always find something to laugh about.

To my GLOW sisters, y'all are all crazy!!  I love the laughter we share.

I hope all of you have laughter in your lives, those special moments with family and friends when laughter fills the room.

Joy is very infectious.  We will never know just how much good a simple smile can do.  Be faithful in little things.  Smile at one another.  We must live beautifully.
Mother Teresa

Laugh with one another too!!

Until Next Time
Live, Love and Laugh a lot!


  1. Indeed, laughter is the best medicine, friend. Have a beautiful day, Mary.

  2. I kind a believe that if we got together there would be LOTS of laughter....and prayer....and coffee!!! ;-) Love you, Friend!

    1. A day I will always look forward to!

  3. Your monkeys certainly made me giggle. Laughter is wonderful medicine! Have a joyful weekend!

  4. I so agree with this! Laughter is so great and feels so good!


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