Thursday, June 2, 2016

Get A Grip

Today I'm sharing a very cute story by Luci Swindoll from Women from Faith
and a very cute story from Peggy, my daughter! 

I was visiting with Peggy recently and got so tickled as she shared her mouse story.
Yep, a mouse!

It was two in the morning when she had a little visitor.  Yep, she's a night owl, always has a project to work on, a game to play, or a movie to watch.  She was telling how quiet the house was, sons and hubby tucked in bed like most people at that time of night.  The house was dark except for the light of her laptop....sounds kinda  spooky doesn't it!  {giggles}  She noticed the dogbabies rushed to her floor lamp across the room, she looked up in time to see a little mouse run up the pole.  I'm sure her heart skipped a beat.  So here she was, two in the morning, sitting alone in the family room with a mouse on top of her lamp staring at her!!  And she was staring right back at him.  Quietly she got up, keeping eye contact while she moved to the hallway, she wanted to be sure she knew where he was at all times!!  She didn't want to wake hubby who had to go to work in a few hours so she whispered loudly for her son.  Her whisper was so loud it woke the whole house bringing hubby to the rescue! He chased the little mouse around the room trying to catch him and save his damsel in distress.  Finally the mouse ran into the utility room, hubby shut the door and headed back to bed as Peggy was telling him she would not be doing laundry tomorrow!

To my knowledge the mouse has taken up residency behind the washing machine and Peggy's family is wearing dirty clothes!
(not really-lol)

From Luci Swindoll...

During a Women of Faith conference in Denver recently, a tiny mouse got on the porch where the speakers sit.  Who knows how it got there? Perhaps it was fond of worship music and wanted to enjoy our singing up close and personal.  I wish you could have seen the reaction of my porch pals when that little mouse showed up. 

Thelma shrieked, stuck her legs straight out in front of her, and hid behind her purple purse the size of  Kansas; Patsy sat on both legs until they disappeared; Sheila screamed bloody murder but didn't have to levitate since she spends her life on four-inch heels anyway; and Marilyn looked at the thing and turned to me with, "I'll bet that mouse is scared to death of all these women."

I chided the whole bunch with a characteristically loving comment: "Roaches in Africa are bigger than this little varmint.  Get a Grip!" And we all went right back to singing "All Things Are Possible."  (Fortunately none of the eighteen thousand women in the a audience knew what was happening or it wouldn't have been the mouse that roared.)

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  1. How funny! Mice, however tiny, can be a bit scary.

  2. How funny....btw, the mouse can crawl through the crack of the laundry room door, just saying, (peanut butter and a trap will get it out). Have a beautiful day friend.

  3. I haven't had much experience with mice and I'm glad. Cute from a distance but I wouldn't want one scurrying around the room (especially at 2 in the morning)!

  4. Great stories!! I haven't seen a mouse since we moved to Florida. I'm sure they are around and I know the orange groves have rats but fortunately I've not had a run-in with any of them. Thanks for the giggles!! I would love to have a purple purse the size of Kansas, by the way!! LOL

  5. Such funny stories....isn't it hilarious that a little creature can cause so much fear? LOL

  6. I've seen evidence of mice in the garage, but I hope I NEVER EVER see one in the house. I will wake up the whole neighborhood! Great story, Mary.


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