Tuesday, July 26, 2016

God Is Always By Your Side

Trust God on Your Journey

Be open to what each day ask of you and welcome what it may hold, knowing the desires of your heart are in God's hands.  No matter where life leads, He goes with you step by step with open arms and heart; trust Him on your journey.

He is the maker of every dream and the keeper of all His promises; share in the joy of celebrating what He's given you.  Find joy in every opportunity to live out His purpose for you, and know your efforts have meaning.  Accept any detours as part of His plan.  Keep your eyes on God, and you'll never lose your way.

Linda E. Knight

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  1. Your post comes into my dashboard in the afternoon but I see when you link it to FB so I come over to read it. Don't want to miss any, love your daily encouragement. Have a blessed day my friend.

  2. Like what Ms. Sylvia said....love the encouragement you give every day. You're a precious Friend, Ms. Mary.

  3. Needed to see this...my morning has been filled with angry words---needing to take a step back and then I saw your post...thank you Mary.

    1. Linda, blessed to know my post came to you at the right time. God orchestrates things to fulfill His purpose. Hope things are better for you now.

  4. I agree with everyone. Your daily encouragement and positive posts always arrive at the right time. Love & hugs.


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