Friday, September 16, 2016

Sewing Room Reveal

A few weeks ago our son moved into his own apartment,
which left me a playroom!

I've been moving stuff in for 2 weeks and I'm still not completely done!!

Simple Definition of Stuff:
: materials, supplies, or equipment
: a group or pile of things that are not specifically described

This is where I'll sew and craft.  Notice the old headboard I transformed into a backdrop.   In the center is a piece of covered foam board that I use as a bulletin board. 

It was so nice to bring my little corner hutch in from the garage.  It's been stored out there for several years.  Notice my 'cardboard' hanging on the of my favorite things.

Here is a close up of my cardboard.  It holds all the cards I receive from friends and especially blogger friends!  I love to stop and look at them, it always makes me smile!

If you look in the upper left you'll see a  little Christmas tree ornament.  My SIL made for me Christmas 2014, little did I know that would be her last Christmas.  She passed away a short 6 months later.  I keep the ornament out to remind me each day is a gift to enjoy.

A chair for visitors!  Come see me and I'll take a break to visit a while.

Look close, that's Ollie Owl sitting in Ms Rabbit's lap.  He's always around to keep me company.

Ollie was a very special gift from a very special lady
and dear friend who just happens to be our hostess,
 Deb from Breathing in Grace !

Last but not praise journals! 

Today I'm joining Deb at Breathing in Grace
for Friday Foto Friends

Enjoy Your Day


  1. Ollie Owl....all the way from Tennessee!!! Made my heart happy to see him and read what you said! You're so precious. LOVE the's so you and if you're like me you're gonna love having a space to call your own to craft and sew or just spend time with the Lord!!! Thanks so much for sharing....HOPE you have a great weekend.

  2. What a wonderful sewing room!!! I don't know if I could sew in there...I'd be too busy enjoying the view of all the lovely things. So wonderful to have your own special craft room. Someday...we still have two adult sons living with us, and my 93 yr old MIL on the weekends, so all our bedrooms are full. But your room is an inspiration to me to at least think about that possibility for some day! It brought a smile to my face! Have a blessed Friday and weekend.

  3. Your playroom is a blessing filled with wonderful things. I love the cardboard. I save all the cards I receive, but I just keep them in different places in stacks. Maybe I need to get myself a cardboard! Beautiful room and I know it will bring you lots of pleasure with all those memorable items in there.

  4. How wonderful Mary! What a joyful and pleasant sewing room with such loving and pretty things in it. I love your cardboard. Wish I could visit you there. Enjoy and have a blessed day ahead.

  5. I really miss my craft/sewing room. We are downsizing again, so it's just a dream for me. I get stuff out and then either have to look at my mess, or put it away just to get it out again in a day or so. Probably why I don't do anything creative anymore. BUT....when I retire and have more time for creativity, that will change!! :) I LOVE your room!! Good for you!!

  6. How nice to have your own craft room! And such a happy room too, filled with all kinds of wonderful things. :)

  7. How wonderful to have a special place to relax and create.

  8. What a lovely place to sew, sit or just have a quiet moment.

  9. This looks like a comforting room, with lots of peace for daydreaming!

  10. Oh, Mary. I love your sewing room. I just know it is uniquely you and so precious! I love the cardboard that holds all your cards and the Christmas ornament that is so special to you. Owlie Owl is adorable. Did he fly there all the way from Tennessee? :) Have a great day. You inspire me to so something about my room.

  11. Love your sewing room, Mary! I would love to visit you and sit in your chair, it looks so comfortable. I have taken over our guest room for my retreat. Love all the things you put together for your memories, journals and bulletin board.
    Have a good weekend!


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