Friday, October 21, 2016

Friday Foto Friends

The La Porte water tower ranked as a Top 12 finalist  in the corporate-sponsored
"2016 Tank of the Year" competition.
Painted with silhouettes of a biker and a tree against an orange-and-yellow skyscape, the tank was chosen from among 246 nominated competitors, according to a news release. It holds 500,000 gallons of water and was constructed in 1962.

"LA PORTE," the tower reads. "LIFE. BY THE BAY."

Joining with Deb at Breathing In Grace
For Friday Foto Friends
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  1. I love how some communities decorate their water tank. This one is really pretty, a nice representation of it's city.

  2. Well, that is pretty cool and I really like it. I don't see how they do that on such a large object and so high up! It makes my knees weak just thinking about it.

  3. Well, congratulations on your town's water tower! It is really pretty! I never knew there was such a competition. When I was growing up in our small town, the water tower competition was to see which high school class could get to the top of the tower and paint their class year on it ("Class of 66") ...(not mine)...which seemed to happen every year.

  4. Congrats, I had never heard of the competition either! Your town sure deserved to win, it is very pretty! Hope you are having a great day,Mary!

  5. Congratulations! Our tower is plain and gray, without decoration at all. I think the decorations look great.
    Sending you smiles from Barnegat Bay here on the east coast.

  6. That's just awesome....but how in the world, or who in the world, would have enough courage to get up that high and paint the water tower? Not this old gal who is afraid of heights. LOL Your town deserved to win. Thanks for sharing, sweet Friend....HOPE you and Mr. D have a great weekend (and that your knee is feeling lots better).

  7. What a great way to beautify the water tower... looks great, and how nice that your town won top prize over so many contestants! Happy to visit with you today from Deb's Friday Foto :)

  8. Hi Mary, That is very creative and pretty. Growing up in Alpharetta, Georgia, we could see the water tower from our home. Each year the high school seniors would sneak and climb to the top and write "Seniors 1967" etc. each year!!! lol

  9. How fun is that!! Thanks for sharing this!!


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