Friday, October 28, 2016

Friday Foto Friends

The hibiscus are still blooming and looking so pretty.  You can see the leaves know it's Fall and the flowers just don't care!

Taken in the early morning, the flowers are yawning and just waking up!  I added the butterflies...I love butterflies, don't you?

Trying hard to wake up and open up!

This lacey peach hibiscus is one of my favorites.  It's close to the porch where my rocking chair sits, a perfect place for my enjoyment.

Here's a bud that's trying hard to wake up, it's in the shade so it'll be a little slow to open.

I'm slow to wake up and open up in the morning too !!!

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  1. Good Morning Mary! Oh, I love hibiscus blooms and butterflies! You are so fortunate that your blooms are so long-lasting this year. How nice that you can enjoy the peach blooms from your chair on the porch. Wishing you a blessed day.

  2. I do love butterflies. Your hibiscus blooms are really pretty!
    Have a great day,Mary!

  3. Beautiful hibiscus flowers Mary. I love butterflies too. Thanks for sharing for here in my area the only thing blooming is the snowfall we had yesterday. LOL! Have a day of blessings.

  4. So pretty. Will hibiscus grow in pot? I'm looking for ideas for a pot garden in the spring and I wondered. Such lovely colors. Have a blessed day.

    1. Melanie, all of mine are in pots! They grow fine, just need to water often. I cover them if we have a the spring I prune them down to about 24 inches. They always come back full and pretty.

  5. Loved the pictures Miss Mary. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  6. Love your hibiscus! I haven't had much luck growing them here...mine froze in the winter. Maybe if they were in a pot I could bring them inside and keep them. I'll have to think about that! I love hibiscus! I also love must look at my post today if you like butterflies! Thank you for your cheerful messages are a blessing.

  7. The butterflies are definitely a nice addition to your photo! I love how you said the leaves know it's fall but the flowers don't care! So pretty!

  8. The hibiscus are beautiful and the butterflies add just the right touch.
    Have a lovely weekend

  9. You've got a green thumb, Ms. Mary. Seems flowers get so pretty in the fall, like they know winter is coming. Thanks so much for sharing! Happy weekend!

  10. I miss hibiscus... they like warmth, and therefore don't do well up here in Idaho. Yours are gorgeous! I like your quote... one to think on for the day! Have a blessed weekend :)

  11. Oh how pretty....I am slow to waking up on this cold Saturday morning, LOL.

  12. Thank you so much for the Beautiful, Sunny photos!


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