Monday, October 17, 2016

Monday Morning Coffee Chat

I finally took the time to go through my box of fall goodies.  It's always fun to open the box and see all the fall colors looking back at me. 

This birdhouse was on an old fountain that quit working.  I didn't want to get rid of it so I saved it and gave it a FALL remodel.

I was really into yo-yo's that year.....just check out that roof!!

This past week was a busy one...
Mr D and I got our flu shots ~ ouch!  They've never made us feel bad but this one hit Mr D about one am and he had the flu until five am.  Thankfully, I survived just fine.

Went to the beauty shop and tried to get beautiful.  That's an endless battle!

Missed my GLOW meeting on Wednesday, went to the doctor instead.  I have been down for several weeks with a knee issue.  I have a very inflamed lateral collateral ligament.  It has been so painful, hope the anti-inflammatory med works.

Spent one afternoon in my craft room and made a new mug rug!  I was telling my GLOW friends about mug rugs and they asked what was a mug rug....My daughter Tammy was visiting that day and she quickly's a potholder!!
Let me just say this,  it's a potholder if you use it for pots!!!  When you set your cup of coffee on it, it's a mug rug!!

We spent Sunday afternoon at my middle daughter's home.  It was such a great time to visit with her family and all our great-grandchildren!  After we ate, Tammy and I went out and sit on her chicken porch and watched her chickens!   Her chicken porch is a covered patio that is very close to the chicken pen, she has it decorated so pretty. There are 4 nice chairs that are great for chicken watching! Thank You Lord for simple pleasures!

I have a new book and I think it's going to be a good one!

The Book of Mysteries
Jonathan Cahn

I'm sure I'll be sharing from the book in future post.

Hope everyone is doing great!!

Until Next Time
Always Remember

When you get to your wit's end,
You'll find God lives there.


  1. I'm interested to see what you think of Jonathan Cahn's new book. I've seen it but not read it. Love the mug rug. I need to try to make a couple of these. The bird house is so cute and looks perfect for fall. Have a blessed day.

  2. I've only made it through one of his books. DH and I tried to listen to another of his books, but after a couple of chapters, it just put us to sleep. The mug rug is wonderful and what a great idea. Your fall goodies are so nice. I've got nothing but a string of fall leaves! ;-)

  3. What a great way to re-purpose the fountain!!! And, I adore the pretty yo-yo's!! I told one of the Special Friends at church yesterday how to make yo-yo's! HOPE you have a great Monday, sweet Lady.

  4. Such a bright and beautiful way to start the all the fall colors...and the mug rug, bird house, and just chatting with you. Feel like we are right there. So sorry about your knee...praying it will heal quickly and that you will soon be back up and around to your normal routine. Praying in Jesus' Name!!! Let us know how you like the book. He's a very unique and gifted person...may God use Him for His glory to wake people up. Have a blessed day.

  5. We recently had our flu shots but thankfully did not have a reaction. Sounds like you had an enjoyable weekend with family. I look forward to your book review. Love the mug rug fabric; such a useful and great idea. God bless your day.

  6. You are so clever and creative!! The fall colors look great and your mug rug is beautiful! Call it whatever you's beautiful. Happy Fall!

  7. Love your "mug rug" Mary, and your mug!

    1. Oh I sure hope your knee is better,Mary, that is a pain!

  8. Chicken watching...

    I like that!


  9. I liked your yo yo remodeled birdhouse. The mug rug is pretty. A chicken porch sounds like a great idea, how enjoyable it must be to sit on a porch and watch the chickens. When I was younger I would have loved to keep chickens, but that isn't allowed where we live.

    I had reactions to the flu shot I received last week, too. A bit of fever, nausea, two day headache, and my nose ran like a faucet for about 12 hours. The reaction lasted two days. I never had such a reaction to the flu shot before. I figure that must have been some kind of flu that I had not ever been exposed to and would have gotten real sick with it if exposed to the real thing later in the year.

    I hope your knee feels better soon.

  10. Love your bird house and mug rug. Good luck with your knee.


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