Tuesday, January 31, 2017

About Spouts

I am a big fan of Patsy Clairmont!

When she published her book, Tea with Patsy Clairmont, I didn't let too much time go by before I added it to my bookshelf.  It's a cute book, full of stories of inspiration centered around a cup of tea.  I confess, I am a coffee drinker first but with that said, I also enjoy holding up my pinkie while sipping on a nice cup of tea served in a pretty teacup. 

Here is a cute/inspirational story shared by Patsy...

I was told to pay close attention to the location of the spout on a pot to determine its function.  The spouts that are positioned low, close to the table, are for serving coffee.  Spouts that are located mid-pot is for tea.  And a spout that is even with the lid is a chocolate pot.  There are always exceptions to the rule, but the spout site is a helpful indicator.

Speaking of spouts, have you ever made what you thought was a good deal only to find out later that you were taken?  Of course you have.  Me too.  Les and I bought what we thought was an antique chocolate set (high spout) only to find out it was brand new.  It's still a lovely set, but since it was sold to us in the guise of an antique, our pleasure in it has been tempered.

I wanted to return to the store and "chat" with the owner, but that wasn't possible.  For weeks when I would pass the set on my buffet, I would think of what I would have said to the deceptive man given the opportunity.  Talk about a spout....I'm afraid I have one.  When I'm brewing, watch out!

"The mouth of fools spout folly" Proverbs 15:2b warns us.  Scripture also reminds us, "The mouth of the righteous is a fountain of life" Proverbs 10:11a.

I'm grateful I couldn't get to that man who misrepresented his product lest with my words I misrepresent my Lord.  I want what pours forth from my mouth to be life-giving. 

I guess I'll have to have regular site checks on my spout to make sure I'm functioning as originally designed!

Dear Potter,
We realize we have been jarred by life, causing brokenness.  Some of us feel like shards of china instead of the exquisite and intriguing vessels that we want to be.  We want to be pots that, when poured, tipped, dropped, or spilled, issue forth streams of life.  Please, You who rework clay to repair damage, mend us.
In Jesus 'restorative' name,

Several of you have mentioned Victoria on PBS, I finally watched it Sunday night and now I'm hooked.  I also loved Six Wives and Mercy Street and I'm already looking forward to next weeks episodes.   I must say, Henry VIII (Six Wives) was a scoundrel.

Until Next Time
Checking my spout, where the words come out!


  1. Good Morning sweet friend! I prefer the taste of coffee, too, but I occasionally enjoy a cuppa tea. I enjoy PC's books, also. With age, I have learned to "hold my tongue." Thank you for sharing a beautiful post and I wish you a good day.

  2. Ms. Patsy is one of my favorites, too. She's a little hoot and so cute! I'm not even gonna talk about my spout today. ☺ I'm not much of a tea drinker, except iced tea. I have a question? Why is the pinkie extended? An inquiring mind wants to know. Lol

    1. I always thought it might make the tea taste even better!! lol

  3. I may have to get this book - thank you for the recommendation!

    I like both coffee and tea - but love love love a tea party! (in fact just posted about one.)

    Have a wonderful day, Mary!!

  4. Words can be like a knife in the heart, and learning to 'not' say them, sometimes is very hard.
    Very good post this morning and reminder to be careful what we say to others. I am both a coffee and tea drinker, and believe it or not, have never been to a tea party. Maybe I should organize one soon! Have a blessed day.

  5. I had no idea.....how fun and interesting. smiles--have a beautiful day friend.

  6. Hi Mary. I'm definitely a coffee drinker but I enjoyed your post about tea and spouts. It was fun reading it. I'll have to check up on reading Patsy Clairmont books. Have a day of blessings my friend. :)

  7. What a wonderful post, Mary. Thank you for sharing from Patsy Clairmont's book. There are days that I need to be reminded to check my spout in order that I might honor God with my words.

  8. Love the 'dancing tea cups and pot'. I too need to check my 'spout'.
    Have a good day,Mary!

  9. I'm happy to hear you are loving those Masterpiece shows!! We are hooked on all three also! Interesting about the spout location! Learned something new today! Sorry for the misrepresentation, but if you love it, than don't feel too bad about having it on your buffet. I'm sure it is lovely!

  10. Oh I love Patsy Clairmont, and have that book...one of my favorite TEA books! Great story...and I tend to spout off when I shouldn't, so I need to think about that...Thank you for sharing. I forgot to watch Victoria this past Sunday night, and ndidn't record it either. Now I wonder what I missed?/??

  11. What a disappointment to learn that your "antique" chocolate set was NOT.
    Good thing you didn't get a chance to blast the seller though because then you would probably have felt badly ( I speak from experience).

  12. Hi Mary, I enjoyed my visit here tonight. I have several of Patsy Clairmont's books but not that one. Interesting facts about the spout. Several are signed and I got to meet her at a Women of Faith Conference. I have a page listed at my Site Map called Reading Room and it shows a picture of her and I together. I also have several teapots and and teacups. I am a friend of Melanie and Toni.


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