Monday, January 30, 2017

Monday Morning Coffee Talk

Today I would like to introduce you to Barbie Swihart.  Barbie wrote her first book a few years's an awesome little devotional.

Coffee Talk with Jesus

I followed Barbie's blog several years ago, she made some changes and somewhere along the way I lost her.  When I saw Coffee Talk with Jesus on the bookshelf the other day I decided to see if I could find her again.....and I did!!

You can visit Barbie at Embracing Every Day

For our coffee talk today I'm sharing a devotion from her book.

(This is God talking)

I am so glad you came to sit and talk with Me today.  I can feel your heart expanding in the palm of my hand.  Don't forget that I am your Protector.  As we take this journey together, I will take your fragile and often overworked heart and allow it to do nothing but grow in my grasp.

There is no need to be fearful of the next step.  I can hear you breathing.  You've had a long day, and I can feel the weight of it on your shoulders.  I do not want you to labor for your next breath.  I promise you that no matter how you are feeling right at this moment, I will not allow you to suffocate under the weight of what it is you are carrying.

I know you are tired.  I understand that sometimes you feel as if you don't have strength for the journey.  It's often hard to put into words what you carry in you heart.

Will you do something for me?  Will you breathe?  Now, I know what you are thinking, "Lord, I am already breathing otherwise I wouldn't be here."  This is true.  But I want to teach you to breathe in a different way.  First, I want you to close your eyes.  You may want to put your coffee down, just for a moment.  I promise I will let you finish it.  Now close your eyes.  Next, I want you to take a big, deep breath.  And as you inhale, I am filling you with my own breath ~ the Breath of Life.  These deep, cleansing breaths are good for your spirit, soul, and body.

Now I want you to exhale.  Go ahead.  Blow out all the stuff that doesn't belong ~  disappointment, worry, fear of failure, fear that you aren't measuring up, lost hope, unmet expectations.  These were never yours to carry in the first place.  Remember how I told you that my yoke is easy and my burden is light?  How can you breathe properly when you carry the weight of the world on your shoulders.?

With every breath you take, I am filling you with peace, joy, and hope.  So before you leave today, remember to take several more deep breaths, I want you to feel My presence with you when you leave.  Now go ahead and finish your coffee.  But promise to come back tomorrow.  We have some more work to do.

For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.
Matthew 11:30

Wednesday's GLOW meeting was so much fun. We celebrated being together for two years!

Friday Mr D and I drove down to Seabrook to enjoy some seafood.

Tookies Seafood just opened in 2016 and it was our first time to go.  We loved it and we are already looking forward to going again.

Can you believe it?  I actually got in the kitchen and baked a pie!

Of course when you buy premade pie crust and instant filling it's easy 'as pie.'  I love mince meat pie and for some reason we didn't have one during the holidays.  None-Such mince meat pie filling is so good, much better that the dried mince meat.

We ate the last of it last was so yummy!

Until Next Time
I've got some breathing exercises to do!!


  1. A perfect devotional for my morning. Thank you Mary. I do need to breathe.

  2. Good Morning, Mary. Thank you for sharing this devotional and the link to Barbie. I enjoyed it very much. So happy that you enjoyed the seafood dinner. Your mention of mincemeat reminds me of my late mom. That was one of her favorite pies during the holidays. She was the only one who liked mincemeat and the WHOLE pie was hers to enjoy! God bless your day.

    1. Mildred, I'm the only one in my family that likes mincemeat too. It's just been in recent years that Mr D will eat it. For a long time the whole pie was mine to enjoy!!

  3. We have at least one or two of those Mince Meat Pies here at our home during the holidays. We make them the same way as you; except I cut strips and make a lattice for the top crust.

  4. I couldn't help but think.... Breathing in grace! Beautiful! And, the pie looks yummy. Happy Monday!

    1. Deb, I thought of you as I was typing those words!! Happy Monday to you!!

  5. Oh my goodness, I needed that devotion today. Thank you for sharing it. I love mince meat pie and we always have one during Christmas, and we use the same My grandmother always made one and we have carried the tradition on. Have a blessed day my friend.

    1. Hope you have a blessed day too!! Mincemeat is sooooo yummy!

  6. Thanks Mary, for sharing! I don't think I've ever eaten Mince Meat Pie.

  7. I will go visit your long-lost friend when I finish this comment! I loved the devotional and will do my best to remember those deep breaths!! Thank you for sharing this!!

  8. I'm so late coming by today that I feel like I should be having a cup of chamomile tea with you before going to sleep. Thank you so much for introducing us to Barbie and sharing from her devotional. That was a blessing.

    I enjoyed all of your pictures from different times of being out. I love seafood! And your pie is absolutely beautiful, Mary! We like mince meat also, but I've not seen this particular filling at the market. I'll have to make a point of checking for it the next time I go.


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