Friday, January 13, 2017

Texas Longhorns

I haven't been out and about much lately, as a result, I'm without many new photos to share.  I found these that I took last April when the GLOW ladies took a day trip to see the bluebonnets.

We were traveling the back roads looking for fields of bluebonnets when we saw these beautiful creatures.  Texas Longhorns.

The width of the horns on these steers will continue to increase.

I was wondering just how wide their horns could be, so I went googling and found...
The article said the width of his horns is 9.5 feet.  WoW
It's amazing that they can maneuver their way around.  I've seen videos of them turning their head sideways to go through a gate.

At the 2006 Texas Longhorn steer with the widest horns
was Gilbralter with a span of 10 1/2 feet.

Most modern Texas Longhorns are gentle cattle and are among the easiest of breeds to handle and control. Their gentle disposition and striking looks make them favorites as riding steers, and their general health and adaptability make them ideal for weekend ranchers. Texas Longhorns that interact regularly with people are easy to handle; as with any breed, however, cattle that rarely see humans can grow wild and wary.

Makes me wonder what God was thinking when He created the Texas Longhorn.

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  1. Wow! I had no idea the horns were that wide. Beautiful photos and how fun to search the backroads for blue bonnets. God bless your day.

  2. Oh my! What great photos of Texas Longhorns. It's truly amazing to see how wide their horns are. Thank you for sharing Mary. Have a day of blessings.

  3. Aren't they awesome crestures? I've never seen one in person"! Kinda makes my neck hurt to just look at the picture! Hahaha Thanks for sharing today. Hope you're feeling lots better and have a good weekend with Mr. D.

  4. The Longhorns are gorgeous creatures - great shots!

  5. They are beautiful animals! Looking at them with those long horns could lead one to believe that they aren't easy to work with, so thank you for sharing about how gentle they can be when they are around humans on a regular basis.

    Close to 30 years ago our daughter and son-in-law were living in Brownsville Texas in language school before they moved to Mexico City as missionaries. One of our visits to them while they were in Texas they took us to the King Ranch. That is quite a place!

    Thank you so much for sharing the picture you took of the Longhorns grazing in a field. I learned a lot by visiting here today. :)

  6. Of course, being a Native Texan, my favorite cattle are Longhorns...and my favorite football team is also the Longhorns! HaHa! Just wondering, which camera do you use? That first photo is frame worthy!

    Grace & Peace,

  7. Having ten feet of horns to maneuver must be quite a feat for these Texas Longhorns. They look almost majestic!

  8. Wow! Those are magnificent creatures! God has His reasons for why He creates there must be a purpose for those extra long beautiful horns! So, where are the bluebonnets??? Did you ever find any? This was very interesting info. Thank you for sharing. Love it.

  9. Beautiful photos of amazing creatures. Gives me a headache, though, just thinking about holding my head up with that much weight! Wow!

  10. Those are wonderful pics and good information. I wonder if they bump horns into each other when walking down to chow?

  11. I think it's amazing that steer with those large horns can look so fierce and yet be gentle. Beautiful photos.

  12. Great photo's of the Longhorn cow. Love all of them.

  13. I have always heard of Longhorns, but didn't know they were this long! My granddaugter drew a picture of me yesterday. I'm afraid to ask if those are horns or a bow on my head.

  14. What a fun post! I've seen lots of those Texas longhorns, but didn't know all that information about them, thank you for sharing! If you are anywhere close to Llano or Fredericksburg, TX, you need to take a drive down the Willow City Loop - absolutely, hands down, the best view of bluebonnets to see in Texas :) Bluebonnet time is coming soon for Texas, and it should be a lovely year with all the rain Texas has gotten, lol. Hugs to you today Mary :)


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