Friday, March 17, 2017

Are You Wearing Green?

Happy St. Patrick's Day !!

I am Irish, my ancestors lived in Killough, Ireland and came to America in the 1600's.
(My maiden name is Killough)

Even though I'm Irish, I don't believe in 'the luck of the Irish'....

....but I do believe in the blessings of God!

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Until Next Time
Irish Eyes are Smiling!


  1. I believe in that as well...there is no such thing as luck of the Irish---if anything--its bad 'luck'...nope, not wearing green husbands family is Irish/Scot and we named our only child Liam Patrick.

    Have a beautiful day Mary, thank you for the smiles.

  2. I too believe in God's blessings! I have Irish ancestors also, so I'm told. My SIL did a genealogy of my mother's maiden name and found we have family that lives in and owns a castle in Ireland. Don't you get 'pinched' if you don't wear green? I better find something in my closet that has green on it! LOL
    Have a great day!

  3. Yes to God's blessings - and His mercy and grace!!

  4. Yes, I agree that all of our blessings come from the Lord. Wishing you a nice weekend.

  5. Yes...our blessings do come from the Lord...and there is no such thing as luck...but it's fun to have a little "luck of the Irish" on St. Patrick's Day...and to be sure and wear I am!!! I'm afraid to take it off for fear someone will pinch me! LOL. I love the Irish Blessing and the Irish Prayer...and it could be good for us Scots Irish & German folk too!!! :)

  6. I'm not wearing green and luckily no one has pinched me so far.

  7. I believe in blessings as well.

  8. A lovely post...I wasn't wearing green today. Shhh...don't let my hubby know that he's supposed to pinch me. :) Come to think of it, he isn't wearing green today either. hmmm.

  9. Amen....blessings, not luck. Love all the green. Thanks for sharing and linking up today. Hope you and Mr.D have a great weekend!

  10. I love Irish blessings - May happiness caress you

    And love and laughter bless you.

  11. I have to agree about the 'luck'--I'd rather be blessed!

  12. I love the blessing. Its nice.


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