Saturday, March 18, 2017

Saturday Pea~s

PeaBug Says...

....there are three P's of living faithfully....

Living a Purposeful life filled with Passion and faith in God can inspire a wonderful sense of Peace!

If you find yourself still searching for your purpose or your passion, have faith!



Delight yourself in Him.

Ask God to show you the way....

....and He will.

Until Next Time


  1. Hi Mary, I enjoyed your post for today. I led a women's Life group called Finding your Purpose in your Senior years. It went very well. Now I am leading a group. We go over the message from church and then we work on our Bible journals. Digging into the Word is my passion!

  2. Wonderful post this Saturday afternoon, Mary. I like these three P's. A little rainy/windy here today. Hope you are enjoying your day.

  3. Oh, I like this! So simple, and yet so profound!! Thank you for these powerful little messages from the Pea Bug and you!!! Delightful!

  4. Pea Bug is so wise. Often I wonder what my purpose that bad to say? Hope you had a great Saturday.

  5. love your 3 p's... I find my purpose and sometimes lose it... hugs lj


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