Friday, July 21, 2017

Photo HodgePodge!

Well, here it is Friday and I had to struggle to find some Foto's to share.   I managed to come up with a few I hope you enjoy!

I finished one of my xstitches . . .
I painted the frame but now I'm thinking I chose a pink that's too light.  It really needs to be more of a rose color . . . that will be another project for another day!

I went by Tammy's yesterday, I love her craft/sewing room.
She is so creative, she did the stenciling and I love it!!  I don't think she used a stencil, she uses an overhead projector to put the image on the wall and goes from there!

Her latest craft . . .
She white-washed clay pots and added the artwork!!

Here's a close-up.

Last night the family met at IchiBan's to celebrate our oldest daughter's birthday.  Most of the family was there and I took pictures with my phone and they turned out so bad.  I didn't get a good one out of all that I took.  bah-humbug
So you get to see a picture of me taken by Tammy!  For an appetizer I had crabmeat puffs, oh my, they were so good! 

This is a picture of Ichiban's  that I found on Yahoo images!
When the chef lit the fire the look on Ava and Emma's face was priceless!!  Ava liked it all, Emma, maybe not so much!!  As always, it was wonderful to be with the family!!

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  1. What a pretty photo of you and your appetizer sounds delicious! Oh how I love your cross stitch. Thanks for sharing you labor of love. Those clay pots are cute as can be and I do love her sewing room also. I hope your daughter enjoyed her special day. Blessings to you this weekend.

  2. Love that picture of my sweet Friend. I'd love to see more of Tammy's craft room...mine is going to get a major overhaul this winter when I can get indoors to stay. ;-) Sweet little clay pots, too. Thank you so much for being faithful to link up each Friday. HOPE you have a great weekend.

  3. So nice to see your photo and you are looking so happy. Love that smile!
    Your cross stitches are just so lovely.
    That sewing room is cute and so are the pots.
    Glad to hear you had a good time with family. That's wonderful.
    Have a great Friday.Hope it's not too hot there.

  4. Your photo is so sweet Mary, and your daughter is so talented. Love the cross stitch too.
    We celebrated by youngest daughter's birthday at a Mexican restaurant today even though it's on Monday, so hard to get everyone together sometimes.
    Have a great weekend, my friend.

  5. Love your cross stitching....I want to start doing that again. We enjoy Ichiban too and have celebrated many birthdays there.

  6. Wow! I love your daughter's sewing/craft room...and that stencil is marvelous. Her clay pots are really great...such talent! I also love your cross stitched Amazing Grace...and the pink frame looks fine to me...I'm just so impressed with your cross stitch...Amazing "Mary Jane"! Ichiban's looks like a lot of fun! I've never been there. Just being out with your family is such a delight! Thank you for sharing this with us!!! I enjoyed being with you!!

  7. I like the whitewashed flower pots with the stencils ( I'm assuming it is stencils and not free hand painting??) It would be lovely to know exactly how she made them just in case it's easy enough for untalented people ( like me) to try.

  8. I love your cross stitch. Makes me want to do some again. Ichiban looks like fun.

  9. a fun post - I'd love to see her craft room. The whitewashed pots are beautiful

  10. I hope she had a fantastic Birthday and the food looked amazing. Pictures on my phone always turns out blurry. I loved the pink you chose and the white washed pots are awesome. Have a great day and I found you through Friday Foto Friends!

  11. Thank you for the smiles...have a beautiful weekend, Mary.

  12. I love your Amazing Grace project! We enjoy the Japanese steakhouses too. Lots of fun and a great place for a celebration. I enjoyed your photos!!

  13. What a lovely stitching job you did! I enjoyed a similar restaurant in Topeka, but I'm not close enough to the 'big cities' to enjoy a meal like that :) It certainly looks like a great place for celebrations.


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