Thursday, September 14, 2017

The Old Rocking Chair

I was wanting a poem about a rocking chair to share with you today, I found this one and thought it was cute.  The only the second stanza it talks about lighting a corn-cob pipe!  Well, I don't smoke a corn-cob pipe so I wrote my own stanza below will the one in RED.

Source: Yahoo Images
When I am old and worse for wear
I want to buy a rocking-chair,
And set it on a porch where shiIne
The stars of morning-glory vine;
With just beyond, a gleam of grass,
A shady street where people pass;
And some who come with time to spare,
To yarn beside my rocking-chair.

Then I will light my corn-cob pipe  
My morning paper on my knee 
I won't allow to worry me.
For if I know the latest news
Is bad,--to read it I'll refuse,
Since I have always tried to see
The side of life that clicks with glee.

A fresh cup of coffee nice and hot
Daydreams and prayers will be my lot.
My Bible open on my knee
Words of hope to encourage me.
Blue skies white clouds I see Him there
While rocking in my rocking chair.
Peaceful days are spent right here
Everyday throughout the year.

And looking back with days nigh done,
I feel I've had a heap of fun.
Of course I guess that more or less
It's you yourself make happiness
And if your needs are small and few,
Like me you may be happy too:
And end up with a hope, a prayer,
A chuckle in a rocking-chair.

Robert William Service

Source: Yahoo Images

Until Next Time

Worry is like a rocking chair,
always in motion, but not going anywhere!


  1. I admit, my rocking chair is one of my favorite places.

  2. Ugh, the dr. told me no coffee for a whole week...sigh...I have to lay off the coffee, grin.

    I love your lines, Mary, smiles

  3. First of all...that it!!! Rocking chairs and quilts...beautiful! And, I much prefer you're added stanza. You're talented, my Friend. Love you bunches!

  4. Sweet poem, especially with your stanza. My porch faces a dusty, dirt road so I don't sit on it. :(

  5. I really enjoyed that poem and I love the header photo.

  6. I would love to have a front porch with a rocking chair. What a nice poem. Your header pic is lovely.

  7. Beautiful blog post today, Mary! I love to rock on my back porch and just take in the view of the forest before me.

    You did a good job (excellent, actually) of re-writing the second verse. "My Bible ... words of hope to encourage me..." Love that!

  8. My front porch and my rockers are my favorite place. Your stanza is very pretty and suiting to the poem. I actually like yours better. I would love to read a whole one by you about a rocking chair. Hugs, LJ

  9. Don't know why your post don't come through my reading list sometimes, Mary. I missed this one. I love the verse you included, you should be a poet!


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