Saturday, March 18, 2023

Trust & Obey

Trusting God and Obeying God are the sure ways to a joyful, peaceful and fulfilling life in Christ! May we always trust and obey! Through the ups and downs, when feeling happy or feeling down, when we are full and when we are hungry, when we are relaxed and when we don’t understand, 

May we always trust and obey!

Sunday Blessings,


  1. Makes me think 0f a verse in the Bible that says it is better to obey than sacrifice. Trusting in so important so I trust the Lord with all my heart! Happy Sunday Mary!

  2. Trusting in Only Him...Happy Sunday!

  3. How neat (that) two little words can start the record player in my brain! Happy Sunday!

  4. Hope you and Mr D have a lovely day!! GM

  5. Happy Sunday evening. Thank you for this good info. I am always looking for ways to get closer to Christ and can use all the help I can get! You headers or toppers on here always make me feel so at home. Have a lovely evening.

  6. Putting my trust in God was the single most important decision I ever made. He has walked with me ever since and I'm learning to obey immediately and completely.


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