Thursday, November 19, 2015

Dancing With the Stars

 I gaze into the night time sky

and the glitter all around
Then think of God's Infinity

and how earth's shackles have me bound

 I imagine the souls of the ages

captured forever in each twinkling light......
And my Father's hand who holds them all,

dancing in perfect delight

 I reflect on friends and loved ones

and imagine each one of them there
Painless and carefree are all

and gleaming brilliantly through thin air

 Until the day God calls me home

to make my journey to where they are
I will gaze into the night time sky

and I'll be dancing with the stars.

 Copyright Wayne Clendening 1/19/2014

Until Next Time
I'm Dancing with the Stars!



  1. this. Happy Thursday, Ms. Mary.

  2. Yes, I agree this is lovely and it made me smile! Bless you!

  3. All of God's handiwork is beautiful, Mary, the stars and all it's splendor!
    Keep dancing my friend!


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