Friday, November 20, 2015

Friday Foto Friends with Deb

My Goodness, has it already been a week since I was searching pictures for this party?  Time is going by just too fast for this slightly over the hill lady!!
Since we live very close to the water I think a picture of boats would be in order.

We have a road in our little town that runs beside the bay, the houses face the water and the back of the houses face the road.   There are some beautiful homes there and the back of these homes are just as pretty as the front.  Of course, the only way you can see the front is to go for a ride in your boat, if you have a boat that is!!  Anyway, here's a beautiful back entrance to one of those beautiful homes!

Deb suggested we might share a recipe, well that kinda caught me off guard and unprepared.  So, I went searching through the pics again and found this wonderfully delicious party tray that Tracey had for our Christmas Family Party a few years ago. 
Doesn't that look pretty? And it was oh so good!
And no, I don't have the recipe. :-(
One last picture to share.  While looking through the Christmas pics for Tracey's Christmas goodie I couldn't help but stop and enjoy my memories of past Christmas' with family.  I love this picture, family around the table having fun.

The house was full of Christmas Cheer and these few manage to get back to the table for seconds!!  Or maybe for dessert!!
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Enjoy every day the Lord gives for it is truly a gift.




  1. I'm glad you got to dig up some sweet memories today. The Christmas picture is so good..I love your home. Thanks for linking up......have a great weekend.

  2. Oh how I wish you could see my smile, Mary. I forgot all about joining in. Thanks for sharing your family....Blessings

  3. Loved all of your pictures today. The holidays bring sweet memories in all forms and fashion. Hope you have a nice weekend.

  4. There is nothing better than family around your dining room table! Great photos today, Mary! That party tray full of fruit looks delicious!


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