Friday, May 20, 2016

Around Town

Today I'm joining Deb @ Breathing in Grace

Sharing some pictures from our rides around town!

Stars on the Water
This picture was taken at Sylvan Beach several years ago.

Roseland Park ~ Baytown, Texas
I thought these geese were going to attack the car, and they were so noisy!  We've been back several times and the geese are no longer there, I can't imagine what happened to them. I sure wish they would come back, it was fun going to see them.

Fred Hartman Bridge
This is one tall bridge!  It connects my home town to our neighboring town, eventually to I-10 where you can go west to Santa Monica, California or east to Jacksonville, Florida.

On one of our drives around town, Mr D stopped here because I was wanting something to drink.  While he was in the store this tractor pulled in beside us, the gentlemen got down and went in the store.  I loved it.  There is a lot of 'city' around here, lots of concrete and lots of traffic. but, there is still a small little community that's still rural.  You still see horses and cows and tractors!!

Closing with this word from Mother Teresa.

I do not understand why some people are saying that women and men are exactly the same, and are denying the beautiful differences between men and women.  All  God's gifts are good, but they are not all the same.


  1. I got behind a lady in Wal-Mart just this morning who had on a shirt with a quote on it by Mother Teresa....something about smiling at others. I so enjoy when you post pictures taken in your neck of the woods. HOPE you and Mr. D have a great weekend...glad the sun is shining there....we've got clouds.

  2. Those are very nice photos. And I love the quote. Mother Teresa had a lot of wisdom and courage to speak the truth.

  3. Love it....I think we have your geese, smiles---they sure like to "honk".

  4. You seem to live in a nice place. Love that quote at the end. She was a great lady.

  5. Love the quote. Mother Theresa was such a remarkable lady. I have always found her quotes to be very true... Love the tractor. Hugs, LJ

  6. Visiting you from FridayFotoFriends. I enjoyed all your photos. Have a wonderful weekend.

  7. I always enjoy just riding around and snapping shots from the car. You seem to have a lot of different things to see in your little town! The quote is a very good one.

  8. Love the pictures...speaking of Jacksonville, Florida...I'm only about 35 miles from there so come on down Miss Mary! Hugs and blessings, Cindy
    P.S. Love the quote from Mother Theresa.


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