Monday, July 18, 2016

Monday Morning Coffee Chat

Another sad day for our country.
My heart is heavy.

Having my coffee on the porch!
Wish you were here!

Last week was very quiet and slow, nothing much happening.  I haven't even been shopping lately, just staying home and staying cool.  I did go to breakfast with my GLOW sisters Saturday morning.  We had our highest attendance for breakfast with 7 of us, usually we only have 4 or 5, .....lots of coffee, chatter and laughter.  Conversation is continuous ~ we always have something to talk about. 

It's hurricane season for us and one of the things we talked about was flood insurance.  We all have it but it's becoming so's getting hard to pay the premium. With that said, rebuilding your home is even more expensive.  It's a gamble...we could go years without a direct hit, but you just don't know.

Two of our GLOW sisters got about 3 feet of water in their homes from Hurricane Ike.  They had to  rebuild and were out of their homes for close to a year.  It's a very devastating and stressful thing to go through.

This is a picture from the neighborhood where they live, just a few miles from my home.  It was taken after the flood waters receded and people were allowed back in to access their damage. All that rubbish on the side of the road is people's belongings, ruined by the water.  That trash represents their lives...not only household furniture, but lost pictures and family keepsakes, gone forever. 

Mr D and I live so close to this area and to the water, but we had minimal damage to our home.  I think we lost a couple of roof shingles, we were so thankful.  We were made to evacuate before the storm hit land, when we were coming home, we didn't know if we would even have a home.

So, why do we stay here?  The answer, our lives are here, we went to school here, we worked here, we raised our children's's where our roots are....that's hard to leave.

We'll stay and enjoy the years we don't get hit, and with God's help, get through the years we are hit.

I know some of my dear blogger friends live in hurricane country.  Praying for no hits to our shores this year....or in years to come.

Well, I've been a little negative today, what with the Baton Rouge shootings and hurricane devastation.  Didn't start out with that intention, it was just on my heart.

Hope this gives you a smile before leaving...

Until Next Time


  1. Yes, the storms of life can certainly change one's perspective on what is truly valuable. We live in hurricane country in Florida as well...but not too near the coast so we tell ourselves we are somewhat "safe". But there are always the unexpected storms that can ravage our lives/homes that come from unexpected sources. No one is exempt from we must put our trust in the Lord at all times, and let Him be our shelter in the time of storms. Thank you for these reminders and thoughts today. Have a blessed and happy Monday and week all week long.

  2. I'm one of those blogging friends who lives in hurricane country. We also pray, and keep our fingers crossed too. These are trying times for our country and for the world. Wishing you a blessed week ahead.

  3. Will be praying for you and Pamela at these times. Even though I live about 4 hours from the coast of Georgia we do get some of the effects from these hurricanes, mostly wind and rains. We are blessed, for God has promised to be with his children during storms (of any kind) in our lives.
    Have a blessed day,Mary!


  4. We survived Hurricane Katrina...and an EF 5 tornado that destroyed our little town of Tuscaloosa, AL. We decided, after 20 years it was time for a change and so, my husband wanted to come home/back to western NY. My son and I both were accepted into college here...Here it is nearly 4 yrs later, we are much happier...the insurance just got too expensive, and not to mention costly to live there. I know my son misses the south, but, he also likes living here where...unfort...we are having a tough summer with the heat/humidty and a drought.

    ANYWAYS---our hearts are heavy with what is going on in the U.S. and the world...and yes, friend, I am going to say it, the Conley's say, "ALL LIVES MATTER."

  5. Such a sad state our country is in....prayers for you, my Friend....for peace and safety.

  6. Wishing you well during this time. I have always thought that a flood would be one of the worst things to deal with. We live in an area where tornadoes are prevalent and I feel for the people who've dealt with the aftermath of those. Our country is truly in a mess right now and what a shame to think of the future for our kids. Praying there will be a big turnaround.

    1. Yes, our country is in very bad shape, God is our only hope. I am also praying for a big turnaround. Have a great day.


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