Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Paper Towel Saga

Does your hubby ever go grocery shopping for you?

Bless Mr D's heart, he goes for me often. 

We make a list and off he goes with his cell phone in his pocket.  Got to be sure he can call me if he's unsure of anything on the list.

The other day, paper towels made their way to our list....we were completely out!  Now he knows I like good paper towels and I like the ones that you can only use 1/2 of the towel, most of my jobs only take that 1/2 of a towel. 

When he gets home and we're putting our items away I notice that the towels he bought had a design I wasn't familiar with.  I didn't say anything, no big deal, at least the design was blue which matches my kitchen,  That was a bonus, I don't know about your hubby, but Mr D has no sense of 'design.'  I'm sure he saw a roll of towels and in the buggy they went, the design could of been purple for all he would care!!  So, I do count myself blessed to have paper towels that look good on the counter.

So......I was rinsing our coffee pot the other morning and grabbed a towel instead of my dish cloth...I'm real picky about my dishcloths too.  I like them to stay white so I usually don't clean around the coffee pot or coffee bar with my dish cloth.  Anyway....I had my paper towel down in the pot and I noticed soap suds


where in the world were they coming from.  I was only using hot water, not any soap.

It didn't take me but a moment to realize the soap was coming from the paper towel.  Well did you ever?  I went over to the roll to check these towels out a little closer...Bounty with Dawn!!  I didn't even know they made such a thing.  I love them!!

Of course, we must be careful not to cover any food going in the microwave with them, we might have a mouth full of soap!  I really do like them though, great for the countertops, fridge and stove...in the bathroom...anywhere you need a quick wipedown.

Yes, Mr D did good and he didn't even know it!

Not 'till I told him anyway.

Took this picture when I was out with the dogbabies this morning.  I wish I had a better camera, the sun was hitting this bloom and making it look like pure gold.  So pretty!

If you like Bible Prophecy, you'll enjoy this video of
Perry Stone and Syd Roth.
Just click HERE!, it's about 40 minutes long but so interesting.
If it's not your thing...it's okay.

Wishing you happy and blessed days!


  1. Hi Mary! Joe usually goes with me for grocery shopping, but he does go off by himself now and then. He does a great job. We get our towels at Sam's Club and I like the ones that are half a towel too. Now I will have to look for those with detergent when I'm at Publix next time. They would be nice for quick clean-ups! Way to go Mr. D!!! (I always chuckle at that because Joe is also known as Mr. D, especially to people who can't say our last name D'Orsaneo!)

  2. I've not seen those towels but will look at wally world next time I go. ....I like the half towels, too. Happy Tuesday, Friend.

  3. giggling over Mr. D...I bet he didn't even know, smiles. My mother in law bought those and swears by them. Have a beautiful day friend.

  4. Now that's just funny! I am overstocked right now with paper towels but I may check them out to keep by the sink. Way to go, Mr. D. I wish I had a better camera too, Mary. Maybe that is something we need to invest in. I like your pic.

  5. The farmer does all our shopping; when I go with him, I feel like a puppy following him around the aisles. When I send for paper towels he comes home with a package of several rolls. The more the better I guess. lol
    Bible prophecy may be just what we need to know about these days.

  6. I did not know that they made paper towels with Dawn! Thanks for sharing this.
    Yes, my hubby does go to the store for me. I start a list and before I know it he's gone to the store (I wish he would at least wait till it was complete) yesterday he came home with hardwood floor cleaner in a bottle and I prefer it in the spray, so from now on I will write spray beside it.

  7. Gave me a good chuckle this morning Miss Mary! And NO...I did not know they made such a thing! LOL! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  8. That's a new one for me as well. Not sure I'd like it however, as I primarily use paper towels to dry things like greasy hands when cooking, etc., or to dry off my counter tops after I wash them with some bleach because I have white countertops that show tea stains from cups or tea pitcher...so I use a lot of bleach to clean stains and dish clothes. But, thanks for the warning. I will watch out for those and try not to buy them! LOL I do prefer the ones that can be torn in 1/2 as well! Have a blessed and happy day and week. God is good all the time...and we have so much to be thankful for!


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