Friday, July 15, 2016

Not much happening in the neighborhood!

Because our home faces west, the porch and backyard is in the shade in the late afternoon....that's when I do my porch-sitting.  It makes it a little more tolerable and a lot more enjoyable.

Bitsy Baby does not like the camera, she always tenses up when I try to take her pictures.  See her ears....they are in take-off mode.  I tried to get Buddy Boy to stand beside her, nope, it wasn't going to happen. 

I'm joining Deb at Breathing in Grace for....

A new path lies before us,
We're not sure where it leads.
But God goes on before us,
Providing all our needs.
This path, so new, so different,
Exciting as we climb,
Will guide us in His perfect will
Until the end of time.
Linda Maurice

Until Next Time
Have a Blessed Week-end and stay on God's Path!


  1. Have a beautiful day, friend...we sat out yesterday evening ---it sure looked like it wanted to storm and it did cool off a bit, but right back being humid, sigh....lovely photos and giggling over Bitsy Baby...our Coffee--he is a camera

  2. Isnt that funny how some dogs just know when you're taking a pic. Our last dog NEVER gave me a happy face for a picture

  3. I always enjoy your porch pics....that's so funny how Bitsy knows you're taking a picture. 😊 Thanks for linking up.....hope you have a great weekend.

  4. We sit out in the evenings too, but this morning it was wonderful to sit out and watch the storm. Love your photos. So pretty. And I like your cover photo, too. Your Bitsy is cute.

  5. Funny how dogs can sense something happening like that. That begonia is really beautiful.
    I am glad to have met you and Bitsy through Friday Foto!
    Have a lovely weekend

  6. Your porch is so pretty and inviting.

  7. Your blooms are beautiful! Even if it's a little warm out there, it is still a lovely place to spend time! Cats are the same way with the lots of kids, too! Ha! Have a wonderful weekend and week ahead!

  8. Love the poem by Linda Maurice. Thank you for sharing that...goes along with my blog theme of "closed doors, open windows". God does go before us and prepares the way, even when we don't realize what is happening or about to happen. So thankful. Love your porch and your doggie. Funny! Our house also faces west, which frustrates me because our best porch is on the front, and we can't enjoy it in the evening until very late...But, it is lovely in the morning. I do have a back porch as well, and it is a quiet place to watch the birds. Thank you for your photos and thoughts today. Have a blessed weekend also.


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