Friday, August 19, 2016

Idle Hands

It's very hard for me to sit idle...I always want my hands busy.

One of the fun things my hands like to do is work a jigsaw puzzle.  I love to putting them together but I have to be in the mood,  ya know what I mean?  I will go months and not put one together and then I'll do several, one after the other.

I was in Hobby Lobby, not shopping for puzzles...until I walked by the puzzle display and the 'mood' struck!

I liked this one, I've been liking chickens lately!  So it came home with me.

Didn't take long and I had the outside edges all put together.  I know some people are very 'willy-nilly' putting the pieces together.  I prefer to do the edges first!

I used to work 1000 piece puzzles but because I no longer have a big enough space I work 500 piece puzzles.  This one is a 300 piece but I loved the picture and knew I would enjoy putting it together.

Did you notice?  The pieces are 'jumbo' ~ I sure like that!

All done!!

So why am I not so happy?

Because, you purchase the puzzle, you spend several days putting it together, you finish it, you love looking at it....and then....

you take it apart and put the pieces back in the box! 

That's so crazy.

I do love putting them together, so I guess the enjoyment is worth it all......

I'm really considering mounting this one on canvas and hanging it in my kitchen.

Just a thought, maybe I will, maybe I won't....

Just can't decide....

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  1. I'm on my phone and tried to leave a comment so if it posted and it makes absolutely no sense blame it on the phone and not the operator! LOL I tried to say how much I liked the puzzle you did and how pretty it makes your blog look. I think you should mount it and hang it in your kitchen. Thanks for linking up and hope you have an awesome weekend.

  2. I would def. glue it and keep it and hang it up, Mary. I LOVE the new look here...smiles.

    Have a beautiful Friday friend.

    1. My grandpa was doing that witth ALL his puzzles.

  3. I think you should save his one. I saw this the other day in Hobby Lobby. I think I may go back and get it for my husband to put together. Your blog looks great!.

  4. Mary, my grandmother loved to do jigsaw puzzles and when she moved to a smaller apartment (later in life) there were at least a dozen puzzles that she had glued together and stored under the bed in her guest room! She thought they were too pretty (and some had been difficult to do) to break apart and put back in the box. Had she framed them to hang on the wall, it would have made sense, but we had to laugh at them being stored under the bed, carefully separated with newspaper. I say...hang it on the wall!! :)

  5. Love the way you are writing about this and I LIKE you photos.

  6. I like chickens too and this one is so pretty and colorful. My husband just loved putting jig saw puzzles together. He had the patience but I just didn't. I thought lately about maybe trying one. I knew an airline pilot who put together a large puzzle of a plane cockpit and then had it glued together and framed and hung in their living room. A conversation piece for sure! I hope you do frame it for your kitchen. It would look cute.

  7. Beautiful!! You may recall that I have to work a puzzle or two each year after Christmas. This one is a beauty!! If we were closer we could loan one another our puzzles. :)

  8. I Love the puzzle. One of my goals for retirement is to start working on jigsaw puzzles again. I need to have a special place set up to work on it and leave it open until it is done. Thank you for this encouragement to get back at it. I love yours. You need to frame it.

  9. I've just finished doing a puzzle today but also hate having to put them back in the box. Oh well.
    I love this one and would hang it in the kitchen too :)


  10. Love the puzzle and agree that you should frame it and hang it. I haven't put one together in ages, but I too would put the edges together first.

  11. Haha...true about the puzzles. Or you could glue them and hang them up!


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