Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Light Splits the Night

In my GLOW group we're doing a short Christmas study,  Christmas light splits the night.

In today's lesson the question was asked,
Why was it so important that angels announced the birth of Christ?

I had several thoughts on this but I wanted to see what an educated scholar had to say. 
So I did some research and found this message by:

Pastor Ron Jones, ©The Titus Institute, 2006
Angels At The Birth of Christ

I thought what he had to say interesting and informative...

“If Jesus really was the Son of God, was there any sign or indication of this at his birth?”
“After all, you would think that such an incredible event would be revealed in some way by God himself to make sure that everyone understood who this child really was. And you would expect that any sign would be seen by more than one person so it could be verified by multiple witnesses.”

That is a legitimate question and a legitimate comment. It is surprising that more people do not ask Christians that question. After all the burden of proof is on us. We are the ones that claim that Jesus was the Son of God. We are the ones who need to give evidence to others that Jesus really was the Son of God.

God did, in fact, send a sign, an indication that his Son was to be born into the world to a virgin named Mary and she was to name him Jesus.

The sign was a series of announcements made by God’s supernatural and powerful angels who came and revealed who Jesus was.

They were seen by Zechariah, the Father of John the Baptist, by Mary, the mother of Jesus, by Joseph the husband of Mary, and by a group of shepherds on a field in Bethlehem of Judea.

They were four angelic appearances to four separate individuals or groups proclaiming the coming of God’s Son.

In these announcements, the angels make clear exactly who this child is so that there would be no confusion or mistake as to the true identity of this child born in such humble circumstances.

Luke, the historian, records the angelic appearances to Zechariah, Mary, and the shepherds of what they saw as he researched his biography of Jesus. Matthew, an apostle of Jesus who lived with him for during his ministry, records what happened to Joseph.

Keep this in mind, if God is a supernatural being and he created angels and he sent his Son to become a human being, we should not be surprised that God sent his angels to announce the birth of his Son.

Until Next Time

Angels we have heard on high
Sweetly singing o’er the plains
And the mountains in reply
Echoing their joyous strains


  1. I enjoyed reading this about God's angels. I was just praying Psalm 91 for angelic protection over our nation during this period of transition.

  2. Interesting info, Mary. My bible and prayer time this morning was on being the LIGHT in the world for others to see Jesus, at a time when so many lights are put up everywhere. We are not to hide our light under a bush but by our actions and good deeds let other see Jesus, the Light, be seen through us. I use "Our Daily Bread" along with my Bible, for my quiet time.
    Have a very Merry Christmas,Mary!

  3. How interesting, Mary!! This is something I never gave any thought to. Of course I know the stories, and of course I believe, but I have never questioned how the birth of our Savior was announced to the world. Thanks for this important lesson!! I know Angels exist and interact with humans and have always just taken for granted the Angels in the scripture and songs about the birth of Jesus.

  4. A very interesting question indeed! It is always wonderful to ponder and think on the deeper meanings of special events that we sometimes pass over and don't even consider. Appreciate hearing the insight you shared. Have a blessed day :)

  5. Glo-o-o-o-o-o-oria...In excelsis deo! Angels we have heard on high! Yes! The angels were talking...and what a powerful message they had! I wonder if the angels are still talking about Jesus! I think I can hear them whispering His name to me often when I am afraid..."Fear Not!"

  6. Very interesting! We often don't look deeply into holidays

  7. Oh Miss Mary I so enjoyed reading this this morning. Thanks for sharing. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  8. Beautiful post!! I was always impressed that the angels appeared to the lowly, stinky shepherds first. That gives me such HOPE!!!


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