Friday, December 9, 2016

More Christmas

Busy days are here!!

Seems like time is rolling downhill like a snowball...going faster and faster and rolling me up in it!  So much to do and so many things to enjoy.

I haven't taken any new pictures to share with you today, so I went back and grabbed some from Christmas' past.

Christmas reindeer grazing in our yard.

Welcome to our house, come on in!!

The fireplace at our daughter's home.
We can sit by the fire and.....

Our daughter's tree several years ago.
....enjoy the tree!!

I'll brew some coffee and we'll have some Christmas Pie!

Bitsy is ready for Christmas too!

I always enjoy this time of year.  There's just something about Christmas that fills my heart with 'comfort and joy.'

The thing is.....God is with us every day of the year, ready to give us comfort and joy!  When the holiday is over and pretty Christmas trinkets are packed away, don't pack away your comfort and joy.  Don't put the wonder of the season away in a box until next year, keep it with you always.

God tells us in Matthew 28:20 that He is with us always....Comfort and Joy, always with us!

Today I'm linking with Deb at Breathing in Grace

Until Next Time
     May God's comfort and joy bless you always.




  1. What lovely photos...everywhere looks so cosy and Christmasy. The Christmas pie looks delicious. And I love Bitsy...such a cutie
    Phoebe x

  2. Would love to come sit by the fire and eat some of that delicious looking Christmas pie with you! You may need to post a recipe for that! Christmas is such a special time...I love it all...but am usually ready to put things away when it is over...but right, NEVER put Jesus away! He stays with us ALL the time!!! Amen!!

  3. Your message is wonderful. as busy as we get throughout the year we tend to forget that God's comfort and cheer are always with us.

  4. Oh my goodness Bitsy is the star of the show! What a darling little dog.
    Your home is lovely and your lesson to us is wonderful.
    Thank you for sharing all these wonderful things.

  5. I just love the lights around the fireplace! So peaceful & cozy.

  6. Absolutely gorgeous! I always love your posts though I haven't commented in quite awhile. This past year has just been an upside down year.

  7. Those are some really nice decorations from Christmases past. Very festive and your daughter's tree was gorgeous!

  8. Beautiful photos. I'd love to visit you, my Friend, and dig into that pie! HOPE you have a great weekend!

  9. Beautiful...thank you for the smiles. Have a beautiful Saturday--22* and snowing here in western NY.

  10. Cute Bitsy! Yum on the Christmas pie! Such pretty decorations and your daughter's tree is beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  11. I love the bright multi-color lights. Bitsy is so cute in her Christmas bow.

  12. I want a piece of that Christmas pie. It looks yummy. Enjoyed seeing your pics. I wish you and yours the best Christmas. Hugs, LJ


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