Tuesday, May 23, 2017

I'm gonna pass out, wait no I'm not...

Doctor, Doctor
I am sick,
Give me meds
quick, quick, quick!

I'm going to the doctor this morning, hope he gives me something that makes me well overnight!   Probably not, but I can hope.

 My health may fail, and my spirit may grow weak, but God remains the strength of my heart;
    he is mine forever.
Psalm 73:26

Being Sick
by NiCoLe

I hate the fact of being sick
I wish I could get over it really quick
the fact of dealing with the pain
it almost makes me go insane
feeling cold my head is hot
I'm gonna pass out, wait no I'm not;
my head is banging my stomachs sore
I wish I didn't feel sick anymore
its time I know I looked at the clock
its time 2 go and see the doc!

Humor gives us power.  We often cannot control situations or events, but we can control our response.  Instead of discouragement or despair, we can claim power.
Anne Bryan Smollin
Tickle Your Soul 1999

Until Next Time


  1. Praying for your speedy healing this morning! May God open your sinuses and fill your lungs with His breath of fresh air! May your aches and pains all dissipate...and may you be blessed with a joy filled, able to breathe, happy day. Praying for you now as you go to the Dr. Just get plenty of rest and drink lots of fluids...and before you know it you'll be back to your same sweet healthy self again. Praying.

  2. Prayers that the meds kick in really fast. Glad to hear you're going to the doctor. Please take care of yourself! 💜

  3. I do hope that you feel much better soon.

  4. I pray that the Dr. can help you to feel better very quickly. xoxo

  5. Awww Sweet Lady, I am so sorry that you aren't feeling well. Hope that the doctor can give you something to help you feel better. I went to the doctor this morning, too, but it was just for a regular six month check up. Praying for you. :) xx

  6. Praying the Dr. will be able to give you something to help and help quickly. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  7. Feel better soon!!! I hope the doctor was able to help.

  8. I hope you get to feeling better. Take care of yourself.

  9. I'm sure glad you went to the doctor and sure hope he gave you something to help!! Prayers lifted, my friend!

  10. Oh no! Not a summer cold! I'm sorry you're not feeling well. Rest and follow the doctor's directions.

  11. I hope you got some good meds Mary!!

  12. Hope you are feeling better today!

  13. Oh no, friend...keeping you in prayer.

  14. It is no fun being sick. I'm glad you are feeling better.


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