Thursday, June 1, 2017

Hello June

May is gone and June is here!
Ice cream cones are everywhere!!!

Mr D and I love going to Dairy Queen in the late afternoon, getting an ice cream cone and driving down to Sylvan Beach.  We eat our ice cream and watch the boaters coming in from a long day of fishing. 

Another thing that June brings. . . .

. . . . the sticky June Bug.

If you sit on the porch at night and have a light on they will bombard you...eeek!!
Sticky legs and sticky feet, sticking to me, gives me the creeps!!
Turn that light off.


It's not too cold
It's not too hot,
And only Fathers Day
Is all June has got.

You once was known
As just a bug,
Just like any other
Bug in a rug.

Until one sunny day
You wanted to change,
From what you was
To a brand new name.

Since it was June
And not much to do,
June was available
It could be used.

June Bug....June Bug
Are you still snug,
Snug as a bug
A bug in a rug.

Poem by Scott Cole

Until Next Time
HooRay for Ice Cream
BooRay for June Bugs!


  1. Love the poem! We sometimes get an ice cream at McDonald's and sit at the city park and eat while watching the passersby. Hard to believe it is June! Wishing you a good day. Hope your husband is feeling better.

  2. Eww for the June bugs! And yes, hooray for the ice cream and a gold medal for whoever invented it!
    It is nice to sit by the beach and watch the boats going out and coming in again. Sounds like a perfect day.

  3. Having an ice cream cone in the afternoon and watching the boats sounds wonderful! Great idea! I don't think we have a local ice cream cone place here except for a store-bought packaged variety...not my favorite...I need to suggest to someone that an ice cream parlor would be a good idea at least for summer! Bugs in June...yes I guess we have June bugs too...but we have so Many bugs I don't differentiate. We can't sit outside at night mostly because of the mosquitoes! (and then there are the BEARS!) So we are usually safe inside before it gets dark! Enjoy summer time! It's a great time of year! (especially if you have AC)! LOL.

  4. I hope Mr. D. is feeling better, smiles. Giggling over the June Bugs, we just don't seem to have that problem here in NY.

  5. ♥ Happy June From Our Home To Yours ♥

  6. Happy June! We have noticed June bugs out in the last couple of weeks. They are nasty!! Wishing you a good Friday. I'm late getting to blogs today!

  7. You gave such a good description of June bugs that I had to shudder at the thought. I'm fairly sure we don't have them around here. If we sit outside near a light it tends to be moths that flutter wildly at us.


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