Friday, June 2, 2017

Friday Foto Friends

Mr D and I enjoy spending time on the porch.

Our days are beginning to heat up and the humidity is terrible.

This makes it uncomfortable to be outside for too long.

Our porch gets full morning sun and full shade in the afternoon.  Needless to say, we wait until the afternoons for porch sitting!

One thing for sure, I haven't been having coffee out there, iced tea is the drink of the afternoon these days.

Family Updates:

Sweet MIL is still in the hospital, we will be moving her to a continuing care facility this Wednesday.  It is going to be a sad day for this 99 year old sweetheart who has managed to live on her own until now.  The pneumonia absolutely zapped her frail body and she has no strength.  Before she was walking with her walker, now she needs help just to get up and get in a wheel chair. 

Thankfully, Mr D is beginning to feel a little better.  He still has a ways to go before he'll be 'up and running.'

For the most part, I am doing well.  Still have a cough and a sniffle but everyday is better than the day before.  I am thankful for that. 

John 16:33
 These things I have spoken to you, that in Me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation; but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world.”

I'm joining Deb at Breathing in Grace

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Until Next Time
Live Life Joyously


  1. The flowers are beautiful! It (thankfully) isn't too hot & humid here....yet. I know it's coming, though!
    Have a good weekend!

  2. Hi Mary, That is so sad about your MIL. May the Lord bless her as she adjusts to the change. Glad you and your husband are better. Your flowers sure are pretty and colorful. Our porch gets morning sun and we miss sitting out there with our morning coffee. God bless your weekend.

  3. Happy Friday Mary. The flowers are lovely. Wish I could say it's hot here. I'm wearing a sweater right now. Sad about you MIL. My prayers are with her. I'm glad to hear you are feeling better and enjoying the day. Have a blessed day ahead my friend.

  4. Blessings and prayers for you MIL, Mary. My sweet neighbors left today to move to FL to be nearer their daughter. While it was difficult, it is the right thing for them at this stage of their lives. Glad you are on the road to recovery.

  5. I am remembering your MIL in my prayers.
    Sitting on the porch seeing lovely flowers is a treat I bet and iced tea sounds perfect. Those flowers are so pretty!
    I hope you and your hubby are in the pink soon.
    Have a lovely and healthy weekend.

  6. Continuing to pray for your MIL as she makes this transition. I know how difficult this is for all of you, but you will see that it is for her best and your peace of mind. God is with her wherever she goes. Love the flowers on your porch. I understand about the humidity and heat...we have it here as well and cannot sit on the porch or in the secret garden as before. I miss that, but try to go out and walk around for a few minutes each day when it is still "cool enough". Please continue to take care of yourselves and get well soon.

  7. Your porch flowers are gorgeous...and all coordinating colors. Did you plan it that way? So sorry about your precious MIL. I know that will be hard on her, as I can only imagine how my own Mom would deal with that since she lives on her own now, too. HOPE you and Mr. D have a much better weekend, cough free!

  8. Your flowers are so pretty. Sitting on a porch with iced tea sounds very nice. Right now I'm wrapped up in a blanket listening to thunder and pouring rain. With a good book to read, it's perfect. I'm sorry to hear about your mil, but at 99, how wonderful that she has been able to make it on her own. With no strength right now, she may be glad to rest.

  9. So glad you and Mr. D are on the mend. Your flowers are lovely. I hope you have an enjoyable weekend!

  10. Conversation on the porch with a cold glass of sweet tea sounds wonderful. The flowers are gorgeous! I'm glad to hear you are both feeling better, but am sorry to hear about your dear MIL. Prayers lifted!!

  11. Aah, beautiful summer blooms. How sad for your MIL to have to move at this time of life but I'm sure she will be well cared for :)


  12. Living in Florida, I live with heat and humidity a good part of the year. Lovely flowers and your MIL is in my thoughts and prayers.

  13. It is such an adjustment for those used to being independent to have to give that up. I'll keep her in my prayers. Lovely flowers. Not very humid here right now (not like it was in Florida) but I hear it will happen. Enjoy the time you can outdoors.


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