Friday, February 1, 2019

Friday Foto Friends

WoW, seems like it was Friday just a day or so ago, 
here we are seven days later and time for
 Friday Foto Friends
once again!

Not only did another Friday come fast, so did February!!

My around town picture for today.

The old depot.  La  Porte Heritage Society had it moved from it's original location to Sylvan Beach.  They restored it and made the depot a museum featuring the history of La Porte.

We were so happy for this gentlemen, who happens to be my daughter's father-in-law.  He was mayor of La Porte back in the 1980's and the city declared it J.J. Meza Day in honor of his 90th birthday.  That's our current mayor reading the declaration....he was a few years behind me in school, never dreamed he would grow up and be mayor.  Just goes to show ya.....😃😃😃

Mr D has played guitar for as long as I can remember.  Here he is playing at the Pasadena Senior Citizens Association.  He enjoys playing and this is a great venue for him.  I don't know about the drummer but the front three are wonderful Christian men.
(Mr D is the one in the middle.)

That's it for today!!

I do have a prayer request.  My granddaughter, Maegan, has been diagnosed with the flu.  Maeg is the mother of Ava, Emma and Merica.  Please pray for Maegan's quick recovery and that the girls won't get sick.

Thank You

Until Next Time


  1. Enjoyed seeing some of your town!
    Praying for Maegan to get well real soon.

  2. Thanks for sharing the Friday pictures. Praying for Maegan to get well and the children not to get the flu bug. Happy weekend.

  3. Oh, prayers for Maegan and especially that the sweet girls don't get sick. I love your Valantine's Day decorations! When I come for a visit, let's go listen to Mr. D in his band! Hope you have a great weekend! 💜

  4. Sending good thoughts for Megan and prayers as well. Looks like a wonderful old depot.

  5. Your town looks so pretty Mary! I know you are proud of your husband for using his musical skills. And prayers or Maeg. Being sick and being a mom is always hard.

  6. Praying for Maegan and her family now. Love the pictures, and that you are all ready for Valentine's Day. Wonderful that your Mr. D. plays the guitar! What fun!! Happy February everyone!! Take care.

  7. I just prayed for your granddaughter and her young ones. Thank you for asking us to pray, dear Mary.

    I enjoyed your pictures today. It was such a neat idea to turn the old depot into a musuem of the history of Sylvan.

    Congratulations to your daughter-in-law's father. Ninety is indeed an age to celebrate and even better to have a day named after him due to his being Mayor at one time.

  8. Love the depot pic! Praying for your daughter! Have a great week!

  9. Praying for Maegan to get better quickly. It's so great that Mr. D plays guitar and plays in a group. I'm hoping as I improve with my dulcimer to join the local dulcimer group.

  10. You have a celebrity in the family! :)

    How is Maegan feeling?

  11. Hello Mary! Always so nice to pop in for a visit with you! Sweet picture of your Mr. D, how wonderful that he can bless the seniors with his beautiful music! Praying that your sweet granddaughter recovers, and that her children do not get the nasty bug! Hugs!

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