Sunday, September 19, 2021

Sunday Stealing

Time for Sunday Stealing with Bev Sykes!

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1. If America is one nation under god then are atheists citizens?

Even though Our country was founded on God's Principles, atheist can be Americans.

2. Is there anything that you believe should be banned for any reason?

Wouldn't it be great if we banned evil?!!

3. How often do you eat too much?

Often, it's a bad habit but somebody has to do it.

4. If you died tomorrow, what mark would you have left on the world?

I hope my life is a testimony to the Goodness of God.

5. Are you a city person or a country person?

Neither, I like the in between.

6. What annoys you the most about yourself?

I am a procrastinator.  😔

7. Who was your childhood hero?

My older brothers, Jeff and George.  I was fully grown before I realized they were just human.  I loved them so much.

8. With nearly 100 channels why is NOTHING ever on?

For me, what's on these days is too worldly.  Sex, crime, hate, ugliness and the list goes on.  I have a hard time finding something good anymore.

9. Would you adopt a stray kitty wandering through your neighborhood?

I sure would.

10. Which Lord of the Rings movie has the best ending?

I didn't watch that so I haven't a clue!

11. What are you missing in your life?

I can't think of a thing, God is good and we have all we need.

12. What could you make a sculpture out of that's in the room with you right now?

How about a dust bunny?!  😊

13. Do you believe in the lost city of Atlantis?

I think so, it's always interested me.  I've watched some documentaries that have been very interesting and convincing.  But who really knows, not I.

14. Have you ever read The Little Prince?

If I have I have I don't remember it.

15. What fantasy book would you like to see made into a movie?

I think they've already been made into movies!

I hope everyone is enjoying a Blessed SONday.

Until Next Time


  1. "Dust Bunny"--rolling laughter with that one, smiles. I hope you have a beautiful day my friend. smiles

  2. Okay, I may have laughed out loud at your answer to #3. Welcome to my tribe! I'm so disappointed in what's considered entertaining (TV) these days. Guess I'm just old. (And I'm ok with that!)

  3. Here in BC we have Knowledge Network and we find many interesting programs about nature, travel,health issues, etc.. During the day there are great kids' shows and when I used to do daycare I could depend on those shows to be decent. Oh yes, the best thing is there are NO commercials.

  4. Giggles over the dust bunnies! I should have said cat hair!! Plenty of that in all the corners! Mary, I always love my visits here and enjoyed your answers today! Wishing you a lovely week ahead! xo

  5. Dust bunnies is a great answer! I could certainly do that! I honestly didn't understand that question until you answered it! LOL. I appreciated all of your answers and agree with them all. We tend to think so much alike in many areas. Maybe that's just because we both love Jesus so much! God bless you dear friend. Hope you have a great week.

  6. I enjoyed reading all of your answers and agree with most all of them. As for TV, we rarely watch TV itself but we do watch a LOT of youtube videos. They are whatever WE want to watch. Many self improvement videos. We do enjoy the travel ones with other RV'rs.
    Have a lovely Monday my friend.


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