Thursday, January 26, 2023

Friday Fotos

 Earlier in the week I mentioned that Mr D and I rode over to Baytown.  In doing so, we had to go over the Fred Hartman Bridge.

Going Up !!

Coming down!

Here we are in Baytown.

The following pictures of the bridge are from the internet.

It's really pretty at night.

Here's a little info about the bridge, taken from Wikipedia.

Construction start 1986
Construction end 1995
Opened September 27, 1995

The Fred Hartman Bridge is a cable-stayed bridge in the U.S. state of Texas spanning the Houston Ship Channel. The bridge carries 2.6 miles of State Highway 146 between the cities of Baytown and La Porte. The bridge is also expected to carry State Highway 99 (Grand Parkway) when it is completed around Houston.

The bridge, named for Fred Hartman (1908–1991), the editor and publisher of the Baytown Sun from 1950 to 1974, is the longest cable-stayed bridge in Texas.
The bridge replaced the Baytown Tunnel (of depth clearance 40 feet or 12.2 m).The tunnel had to be removedwhen the Houston Ship Channel was deepened to 45 feet, with a  minimum 530 feet bottom width, to accommodate larger ships. The last section of the Baytown Tunnel was removed from the Houston Ship Channel on September 14, 1999, with removal of the tunnel being the responsibility of the Texas Department of
Transportation (TxDOT).

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  1. What a beautiful bridge! I Love going over interesting bridges! I'm happy you share the story and the pictures too! Looks like you had a beautiful day that day. So very sorry about the tornado that ripped through your area earlier. So very sad. Praying for the people who have lost so much. I hope you have a lovely weekend. Take care my friend.

  2. Wow.. what a bridge! Bridges scare me. Worst one ever for me was the Chesapeake bay bridge and tunnel.. too long. I wasn't fond of the one to Key West either. I shut my eyes and wish it was over with. Its lovely how they light that bridge up at night. I hope your weekend is peaceful.

  3. I'm so glad they replaced the tunnel with a bridge, even though I'm not a fan of either. Have you ever been over the Rainbow Bridge, connecting Bridge City to Port Arthur? Uggg...not a fan!

  4. How pretty! This reminds me a little of the Sunshine Skyway bridge out of St. Pete (Florida). It's not nearly so dramatic as yours, but always got my heart beating a little faster when I'd take it to visit my mother -- remembering the 1980 disaster when a freighter struck one of the original pylons. (

  5. We lived in Baytown for a year-1976 to 1977-and a trip through the tunnel was a daily occurrence for my husband to get to work. It was a nightmare if anyone's car broke down in the tunnel or there was an accident. I hated driving through it-always made me nervous!

  6. That bridge certainly is impressive!!! GM

  7. A beautiful and impressive bridge!

  8. How interesting!! Thanks for the back-stories! The bridge is just lovely!


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