Friday, January 27, 2023

Saturday Sunshine

 Oh Country Door, you are my sunshine!

Their merchandise never disappoints.  I'll take one of each please. 😀

Most magazines that come to me I don't even look at, temptation is just too great.  In the trash they go.  Not Country Door, I've ordered from them several times and I've never been disappointed.  The home decor they offer is my style, lots of farmhouse/country.

I've been wanting a new bedspread, I think this one might be the one.  It's light, which is what we like.  I'll be able to use the bedskirt I have now, so that's good.

My curtains are floral, yet I think the color and print will go well.  I'm going to think on it a while.  One thing I dislike about shopping online or by mail order is having to return something.

Until Next Time


  1. I like that spread! It looks so cheerful! I think we need to treat ourselves to things that make us happy!

  2. I love that company! I just ordered a few things from there recently and have many more pages dogeared for the future. And I think the curtains and spread would be perfect together.

  3. Such a pretty bedspread and I like the one you are currently using too.

  4. I love catalog shopping, but since the internet came along they no longer remember my address. (LOL)
    Yes, returns are the pits.

  5. I haven't heard of Country Door magazine; maybe it's not available in Canada. The bedspread you like is so pretty with all the flowers on it. I do agree that returning items is a pain. GM

  6. We had real sunshine today!! So Nice.
    I think the bedspread and the curtain go good together.

  7. That spread is very pretty! Keep us posted about your purchase!! Have a blessed Sunday!!

  8. THat looks so pretty and bright and cheerful! I haven't seen that catalog either. I know, I hate to do returns too. That's why I really am not that crazy about shopping online. I like to see things in person and feel them before buying. Let us know if you get the bedspread. It really is pretty, and I love your drapes too!! So happy!!


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