Friday, February 3, 2023

Friday Fotos

 I haven't been anywhere this week to take pictures, the weather has just been too bad.  Although we did get out yesterday and drove into Pasadena for a hot bowl of chili from Kelley's Restaurant. We ate and come right back home.

The chili sure hit the spot on a very cold and rainy day.  They served it with grated cheese and cornbread, so good!

With that said, I went back to my archives and found these pics from 2015. 

Texans love Texas and we also love displaying our flag.  I snapped this picture in a little community called Lomax where Mr D grew up.

We live right on the Houston Ship Channel, ships, shrimp boats, barges and tugs are common.

I didn't take this picture, it's borrowed from family.  The cabin you see is jointly owned by my son-in-law and his 4 brothers, it was inherited from their parents.  It sits right next to Yellowstone and the pictures I've seen are fabulous. 

 The girls/sisters.

And, with their hubbies!

A few years ago all three of my daughters and their hubbies went for a week vacation.  These pictures were taken on the cabin deck.

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  1. What a lovely cabin to have a holiday in.

  2. Happy Friday, Mary :) Like you, I've stayed in most of this week. I'm venturing out today, into Beaumont, to find some birthday gifts. It says it's 41, but it's icy feeling out there. Brrrr!

  3. Lovely photos, and I'm loving that cabin in Yellowstone! What a treasure that is! How nice your daughters and hubbies could all go together! Oh, your chili with cornbread and cheese sounds good too, especially on a cold wintry day! Glad you are safe and warm at home now. Take care!

  4. What a beautiful picture of the cabin and a great picture with your girls and their hubbies! Have a great day Mary.

  5. The Texas flag is truly glorious! That's a great photo of your girls and their fellows - beautiful people.

  6. Lovely photo of your girls and their hubbies. The cabin on the hillside is so perfect. Lovely spot to peaceful. GM

  7. Oh I love cornbread with a bowl of chili. It's been good weather for chili here too!!

  8. I am late getting here, Mary, but sure enjoyed your archive pictures and chili sounds so good!! We have cooler here today, but not quite as cold as you are over there in Texas!! Have a good weekend and stay warm! xo

  9. Hello! New here... Love the cabin! Gorgeous views, I'd imagine.
    Like your blog. I'll visit more often!


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