Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Tuesday 4

 The Internet Age

 Welcome weather weary friends to another episode of Toni Taddeo's Tuesday 4 where we challenge you to answer 4 questions on different subjects each week.  A big THANK YOU to Annie who is our hostess with the mostess.

Maybe we could talk about the internet this week?  

1. When did the home internet age enter your life? How much impact has it had?

After I retired in 1996 I purchased my first home desktop computer.  When I left the bank I told myself I never wanted to see another computer.  Ha!  Didn't take long for me to change my mind.  Of course a computer for play is lots better than one for work.

2. How powerful an influence if your phone?  For instance, do you feel guilty not answering when you are busy? Do you text back immediately? Does the phone own you? Do you friends feel they should be able to monopolize your time by demanding to know where you were when you didn't answer?  Is it intrusive or welcome?  Sometimes I hate my phone.  There is so many things I dislike about these cell phones.  Land lines were so much better, jmho, for one thing you could hear the thing ring no matter where you were in the house and on the porch too.  You never lost your landline and it never disturbed you when you were out and about.  The battery never went dead and you never had to look for your charging cord.  The only thing about mobile phones that I like is the feeling of security when I'm out by myself.  I guess that's worth all the other hassles, I'm still debating it.  AND I have a bad habit of never remembering to take it with me when I go somewhere else in the house...didn't have to worry about it with a landline.  just sayin'

3. What places do you frequent on the net and by phone or PC etc.?  (pc.. personal computer , laptop, etc.)  I do very little on my phone.  I do not keep or store any personal info.  I use my laptop to communicate with friends (facebook messenger) and to blog. I'm on facebook a lot because it's a great way to keep in touch with extended family and old friends.  I do have an email that I use frequently.  BTW by email address is mjkh1945@yahoo.com.  

4.   Wikipedia is editable and biased  because anyone can edit the articles. Algorithms also determine what you can and cannot find on the interest.     So, how much stock do you place in it's information? 

I confess I do go to Wikipedia for some things, not anything too important.  Some subjects they handle okay but for the most part I use my yahoo search field or Google and then select a webpage I think is reliable.  I don't think there's many out there that is trustworthy, I just do the best I can.   But that's life today, I have my Bible, which is my roadmap and heartmap and if you study it you'll find explanations for our current world events.

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Thanks again Annie!

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  1. I enjoyed reading your answers Mary. I agree that using the computer is a lot more fun for personal use rather than work. I can't go without a computer nowadays as it is very convenient to look so many things up on line. I also agree with you about the drawbacks of a cell phone though there are definite advantages also. have a blessed and awesome week.

  2. Hi Mary, I would work on computers all day and then go home and play on the computer. Big difference. I love how you have decorated your blog. Meeting friends like you makes blogging fun!

  3. I do rely on my laptop for so much imformation, but I worry that children dont read books, dictionaries, recipes now. It's all available on screen!

  4. Good answers, Mary!
    I use my cell mostly for phone calls...I have an iPad in Wifi for other internet searches so as to not use phone data. And Wikipedia gets my searches started but I choose not to put all my faith in their answers since anyone can change the information.

  5. The best part of the internet is that we get to make so many wonderful friends, like YOU! I am very thankful the way blogging, in particular, and FB have opened up our world to meet new people. We no longer have a landline phone because when we moved here no one knew our new number here except for the scammers and robo callers, so we just turned it off and never use it. Our cell phones are our only phones, but I can control them better and block unwanted callers quickly. I do like the convenience of having it with me, but I control when I will answer calls and texts. Some things just have to wait! Have a blessed day my friend.

  6. I agree. All the answers are in the bible in one way or another. I forget my phone all the time and I don't hear it sometimes. You also can't control the number of rings and I am disabled enough to not be able to get to it in time. I preferred my land line. Thanks for joining in!!

  7. Unfortunately, I'm way too attached to my cell phone. Yet, your case for land line had me giggling out loud. Granted, I've never really tried using a laptop, for the same reason I don't like to text -- my hands are too stinkin' big. And autocorrect hates me, lol. This was an entertaining read!

  8. I enjoyed reading your answers...these were good and fun questions. Hope you have a great day.

  9. I keep my cell phone on me as much as possible but that's mainly because I'm afraid of falling and not being able to get up. I would need to call for help. Very few people have my number so any calls I get are from my children/grands. Have a good day, GM

  10. You are so right: the landline could always be heard, even when I was in the garden.
    It was great to read your answers.
    Enjoy your day!

  11. Good answers, Mary! I don't know what we would do without our computers, that's for sure and it seems we all agree on that!! I enjoyed your post!! xo

  12. Number 2… Mom!!! ;) LoL

    1. I don’t know why is shows anonymous!! Stupid internet!!


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