Monday, November 27, 2023

Monday Coffee Talk

 Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend.  What we thought was going to be a quiet time, and it was for the most part, changed when our three girls each came for a visit. HOW NICE♥  Peggy and Hank came Friday bringing Hazel and Henry, a great surprise!  They are such busy babies, and little Hazel is so loving, Henry had to explore everything.  He hasn't been walking long and he is on the go. Tracey and Scott come Saturday and we enjoyed a good visit with them.  They had a house full for Thanksgiving, with some staying until Saturday morning. Tracey was so tired, but she said it was a great visit Scott's family. They brought us left-overs for our dinner. Yummmmmy. Saturday evening Tammy came bearing great gifts!  DESSERT♥ She made a pecan pie from scratch, it was almost too pretty to eat, but we managed.☺  She also had made a batch of Brown Sugar Chews, a tradition for our family.  AND ~ she also gave me a Spode Christmas teacup and saucer, my heart was happy.

Grandson Matt, Hazel and Henry's dad, was busy over the weekend decorating their home for Christmas.  I bet the kids were delighted when they saw it!

Someone else already in the Christmas Spirit . . .  

. . . Miss Merica, taking her Christmas Spirit to school this morning.

Tammy's Pecan Pie, I told ya it was pretty. lol

Hazel and Henry ready for turkey day!  I think Hazel was being a little silly, a little cutie patootie.

I love my new cup, thank you Tammy☺♥

Today's Turning Point

Jesus and His Angels

Behold, angels came and ministered to Him. Matthew 4:11

Every aspect of our Lord's life was intersected by angels.  His birth was announced by angels; they ministered to Him after His temptation; and He spoke about them in His teachings.  In the Garden of Gethsemane, an angel comforted Him in His distress.  They rolled away the stone and announced His resurrection, and they were present when He ascended into heaven.  The Bible tells us that when He returns, He will be accompanied by angelic hosts.

If Jesus so needed His angels to assist Him, how much more do we need constant angelic help!  When we get to heaven, we'll likely be surprised to learn how much angels had to do with our earthly journey.  What a blessing to know how much God cares for His children, using angels.  Dr. Jack Graham wrote, "The same angelic presence and protection that enveloped Jesus Christ at all points along his earthy journey remains in service to those who love God here and now." 

It is a whisper-thin veil that separates the natural from the supernatural, meaning divine activity is all around us.
Jack Graham

Blessing to All
Until Next Time


  1. Oh my, that pie looks like something right out of a magazine cover! I'm so glad Hazel and Henry came to visit and brought along their grandparents, leaving daddy to decorate. Love how they're dressed so adorably alike. I know your hearts were warmed!

  2. It sounds like you had a lovely weekend, full of love from your family. The pie is so pretty as are the decorations. Hazel and Henry are such sweetie pies. So cute.

  3. How nice that your children came to visit and not all at the same time. I enjoy having one couple/family at a time because you can really visit better. GM

  4. I loved this post and everything about it. The children are such sweethearts! Your big kids are such sweethearts too! How thoughtful of them to each do something special for you. I love that Spode cup and saucer, and that pecan pie looks good enough to eat, although it is too pretty! I enjoyed the quotes about the angels at the end. I believe every bit of that...We will be surprised one day to see just how many angels were busy in our lives when we least expected it. I do believe that for sure. Have a blessed and wonderful week.

  5. Such beautiful children. What a fun weekend you had.

  6. Awww...nothing better than family! Love the cup!!

  7. Replies
    1. For some reason it’s not seeing me as me!! lol!!

  8. What a special time to celebrate Thanksgiving ongoing with your children coming to visit, so very special! Hazel and Harry are adorable! Love your Christmas teacup, and oh my, yes that pecan pie looks amazing! Pecan pie is my husband's favorite too. I believe the angels are heavily involved in caring for us Christians, at the Lord's behest. He keeps us safe with the help of the angels. Blessings to you dear friend!


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