Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Tuesday 4


Tuesday 4 is here once again, hosted by Annie!

Wild Life

I was thinking about wild life that is all around us.  Summer brings us out of the house and we spend more time outdoors, weather permitting,  and have an opportunity to see animals and birds that live around us.

1. Do you see many animals where you live? Is your answer a good or bad thing?

Because we live in town we don't see a lot of wild life. Mostly just birds and squirrels and those pesty mosquitos.

2. What kind of animals and birds are around your area?

As I said in #1, squirrels and birds, mostly sparrows.  Oh, and lizards, one tried to move indoors!

3. What kind of animals and birds could you do without and what kind would you love to see more  often?

I enjoy all the birds and wish we had more variety than we do.  I could sure do without mosquitos!

4. Do you feed wild birds or animals ?

We sure do, we have birdfeeders and sometimes we have squirrel feeders up too.  I love to watch the squirrels play.

The mosquitos often come for a meal . . .

But we try not to accommodate them!!

Link in the fun HERE.

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  1. That first 'toon' is spot on! I think Alabama's mosquitos might come in a close second. For some reason they don't bother with Tom -- so come dusk it behooves him to do take the girls out. We love watching the squirrels and lizards, tho' I'm always nervous Macie or Grace might actually catch one.
    Wishing you and Mr. D a blessed day!

    1. I've been told the lizards are poisonous to our little pets if they eat them. yukky

  2. Ha, ha, cute cartoon picture of the mosquito. I really detest them! Thankfully we don't get many in the city. I think the city must spray something to keep them at bay. I too wish I had a much larger variety of birds but I'm thankful for the ones that do come to visit. Have a wonderful week ahead.

  3. Love your mosquito cartoons...that's the only good mosquito...the kind in a cartoon! We are not fond of them here at all, but they sure are fond of us! However, right now they aren't so bad because it has been so dry. Once the rains start up again I'm sure they will come back with a vengeance! Yes, we love to watch the birds too, as you know. They keep us entertained. When it's so hot and we have to stay indoors so much it's nice to be able to look outside and see them. I know you enjoy yours. Thanks for participating!!

    1. Sure would be nice if we had the variety of birds that you do. Alas, we don't so I just enjoy yours through the pics you post.♥

  4. My fish and frogs take care of mosquitos for me but I just really do hate those things. I think mosquitos should be banned!! Thank you so much for joining in!!

  5. We usually have a LOT of mosquitos here but this year they haven't been too bad yet. Strange because of all of the rain and standing water. We have birds, squirrels and lots of bunnies outside of our condo. I love to watch them all. We can't feed them, but they're still fun to watch.

  6. You made me laugh with your answers today because each one mentioned mosquitoes!!! We rarely have them here but when we lived on the prairies I was always full of itchy welts.

    1. It would reallllly be nice if we didn't have them here!!! lol

  7. We live in the woods and see all kinds of animals and birds. We don't feed them but there is enough stuff around for them to eat in the wild. Besides putting out bird feed draws the bears. We spend a lot of time watching the animals out back. The deer even put their babies out back for hours at a time.

  8. Trust me when I tell you that Florida has the Uncle and a bunch of cousins of your mosquito!! LOL


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