Friday, January 19, 2018

Favorite Things

I am blessed with so many things to enjoy.

I'm just a little old fashioned and I love a lot of old fashioned décor!!

I love crocheted doilies and have at least one in every room.  I think my love for them comes from my Granny, she was one of those who could crochet and talk at the same time, and never drop a stitch.  It always amazed me!!

Throw rugs or room sized rugs, just put a rug on the floor and I'm happy!!

I enjoy watching ivy grow, there's something peaceful about an ivy.  I have several through out the house and a couple on the porch.  The ones on the porch are sitting on my living floor for now, waiting for warmer weather.

I love to read, fiction or non-fiction, if the subject is interesting to me I'll read it.

I just purchased this lap quilt, it matches the drapes in my bedroom.  Quilts are so awesome, they make me feel good! . . . they are so cozy and comfy!!

We all love our family and love to be with them . . . I have a lot of family photos scattered about.   They touch my heart.

Getting anxious for spring so I can spend time on the porch!
My back porch is my sanctuary, I love to be out there where I can hear the birds, see the clouds, enjoy my flowers and spend time with the Lord.

It's Friday and time for Friday Foto Friends
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  1. Lovely glimpse into your cosy home. I too like old fashioned decor but these days I am trying to go more minimal so I can be free of things. It is always lovely though to have things that give one comfort and feel good hormones like quilts, books, photos and doilies. Enjoy your weekend Mary.

  2. I know what you mean when you say your back porch is your sanctuary. Mine is too and the porch swing is my favourite place to sit and read or just wile away the hours. Oh but I'm looking forward to warm weather!!

  3. Thanks for sharing your home. I'm a bit old fashioned, as well, but I tend to go with "less is more", these days. Of course, our "more" is the Grandblessing's stuff! Toys, clothes, books, movies...

    I am ready for warm weather, for sure!

    Grace & Peace,

  4. Love all the fotos of your sweet home. We have so many tastes in common when it comes to decorating. Ivy is in a pot in my kitchen window! I love quilts, too... and my front porch is my sanctuary! Looking forward to spring!

  5. Your doilies are beautiful. I was given a couple when we first got married. I still have them and love them. My mom used to have some rugs similar to that. So pretty. Your plants are pretty too. Hope you get to enjoy that porch again soon.

  6. Everything is so beautiful and cute! I love it:)

  7. You have some lovely 'favourite' things you've shared :) I'm a book person so I love the bookshelves.


  8. I love all your favorite things. Your home is warm and welcoming.

  9. I love all your favorite things. Your home is warm and welcoming.

  10. I just love everything about this post, Mary, thank you for the smiles. Hope your Saturday is a good one, smiles.

  11. Throughout your tour and description of your home, I kept saying to myself "me too". I feel so comfortable in your home. I'm kind of eclectic with a mix of modern and old fashioned but my nephew once told me "you're a doily person."

    1. "Doily person" would be a great name for a blog!

  12. Beautiful flowers! They are good to see this time of year.

    I like that you have your own special, peaceful place.

  13. I loved this look into your home!:). I am in love with the braided run on the floor (where else would it be LOL) I think they are wonderful and so homey and gorgeous.
    My grandmother made many crocheted doilies that I have.
    I like how you have plants arranged in front of the screen too. Just wonderful.
    Thanks for inviting us in Mary.

  14. This was delightful...I loved seeing your home...the doilies are wonderful...and that braided rug...I love that...and the quilt...really pretty! Ivy vines...yours look lovely. I don't do well with house plants...they just don't make it! Love the pictures...they all look so nicely framed. This was a wonderful home visit. Thank you for sharing!!


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