Friday, September 17, 2021

Friday Fotos

Hurricane Nicholas
The Aftermath

Sylvan Beach

Notice the sign, it couldn't stand the power of the wind and waves.

Seabreeze Park

Across The Street

Sorry about the picture being blurred.

Around Town

Our Back Yard

Unbelievable that I found azaleas still on the bush, surviving 55-65mph winds!

We were spared a cat 5 this time, Nicholas was only a cat 1 and damages were not as severe as they would have been with a stronger storm. The biggest problem for our town has been power outages, there are still areas without power.

I'm so thankful to say, we never lost power or cable, I was able to stay up and watch coverage of the storm coming inland. Houston area reporters were stationed at various areas along the coast giving updates throughout the storm.

He calms the storm,
So that its waves are still.
Psalm 127:29

Until Next Time


  1. I'm so glad that you didn't have damage at your home. It's amazing what wind and water can do isn't it? That ocean still looks a bit angry.

  2. Wow! Just wow! That is so amazing the strength of the hurricane to bring down those signs and yet the fragile little flower stays attached to the vine. Isn't that an incredible thing to think about and how Jesus said for us to abide in the vine?

  3. What sobering examples of the power of even a Cat #1! So thankful y'all were spared.

  4. I am so happy to see this post and to know that you and your home are okay but the damages are heartbreaking. Thank you for informing us! xo

  5. Wow, so thankful you were safe in this storm! Amazing the power of the wind and waves, and yet Jesus just spoke to them "Peace be still" and the storm subsided. Our great is our God. So thankful you are okay. Praise God.

  6. I am glad the storm was not too bad. We watched the coverage too. I will be in Texas next year, about 80 miles from Austin. Have a nice weekend!

  7. So thankful that you and Mr. D did not have all that damage. It's really frightening at what wind and water can really do. Thankful, grateful and blessed we are Miss Mary. Hugs and blessings, Cindy


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