Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Tuesday 4

Home is Where The Heart Is

1.What makes a house a home?

The family that lives there.  Lots of love, laughter and memories!

2. How to you keep your house neat , tidy and clean? Do you find it difficult?

As a younger woman in good health, I loved keeping a clean and tidy home.  It was a pleasure for me.  Now with health issues it's very hard to keep our house/home in the order I would like.  I manage and Mr D does alot to help.  I'm thinking it might be time to hire someone on a regular basis to come clean for me.

3.Are plants important in your home.. or collections.. or wall art? Is there a theme you like to create?

I do have a lot of indoor plants, mostly ivies because they grow well for me.  I also love things on the wall and I used to collect whatever caught my fancy.  I don't collect anymore, just too much trouble to take care of.

4.What is a typical day/evening like in your home?

We live a very slow paced life.  We usually sleep late because we stay up late.  I love that we linger over coffee every morning.  After years of having our coffee in a rush getting ready for work, it's great to have these leisurely coffee mornings.  In the afternoons you'll find Mr D in his man cave listening to music or playing music.  I spend time visiting with friends and family via my laptop or reading my Kindle.  It's not unusual for us to take a drive in the late afternoons, sometimes we'll get an ice cream and go to the boat ramp at Sylvan Beach to watch the boaters coming in from a day of fishing.  Mr D had a boat some years ago and went fishing often, he really enjoyed it.  Early evening we're on the  porch while the dogbabies play, by then it's cooled down enough to be outside.  Nighttime finds us both watching television, I'll read and Mr D goes back to his music.  He plays in a country music band for the Senior Citizens.  Not very exciting but it's our life and we are happy.

L-R Mr D's brother on fiddle, Mr D, and Mr D's good friend on vocals.

Good Christian men having a good time.

Tuesday 4 an invention of our late friend Toni Taddeo.  A big thank you to Annie for keeping Tuesday 4 going.

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  1. I love hearing about your days at home together. And I love that Mr. D. is in a country band with his friends/brother. That is so wonderful that they sing for people and make people smile! What a wonderful gift! And yes, I love that you take rides and get ice cream or just enjoy being out together. That is a blessing too. I agree with you about housework. I am finding it harder and harder to do and I wish we could afford to hire someone to help out with the bigger jobs. I've gotten kind of lazy this past year and now there is just too much to do and it overwhelms me. I need to get back into a better routine. Yes, being retired has its plusses, but it also has a few minuses..."lack of funds". Ha Ha. We are thankful for what we have, but just have to be very careful. But God is good and we are very very thankful. Have a blessed day. Did that storm come near you? I was praying.

    1. Thank you for your prayers, we came through the storm okay. I was so thankful we didn't lose power, that was my biggest concern. I feel so blessed. A tree went down across the street, but as far as I know my little town suffered minor damages. Girl, I know about "lack of funds" we are also on a tight budget but by the Grace of God we have all we need and maybe a little more. I understand about being overwhelmed with things that need to be done around the house, it's not a good feeling. With that said I am thankful for the little things I can do. ((hugs)) and Blessings!

  2. Good Morning! I so enjoyed reading about your typical day. We're about to embark on the retirement voyage. I've been at home for about 10 years or so, but Dennis will be retiring sometime in the near future. We're ready although it's a bit scary to think of no paycheck coming in regularly.
    I've had more problems keeping up with the housework too since my back was so bad but with the new medication I'm doing very well and have been enjoying homemaking once again.

    1. Being without a paycheck was scary for me too, but everything worked out just fine. Good to hear your medication is working for you!!

  3. Thanks for joining in. I enjoyed reading about your days at home. I love to sit by the bay too. Our areas are quite a bit alike though so far apart. I think of you often when I see the bay.

  4. That's pretty neat about Mr. D's band! My hubby is a musician, too, but left his 'band' behind in Chicago years and years ago.

  5. We are in the same situation with housework. Mark's been telling me to get someone for a few years now. What I want is to downsize so I can take care of it myself. It sounds like a perfect day you both have.

  6. That is so nice that your husband plays with a band. My husband helps me out too. I may look into getting some help with the house. But then I would not have extra money for my crafts. I am glad that the storm did not hit to hard. We are blessed to have husbands that help out!

  7. My husband and I share the household chores and we watch
    a lot of TV.

  8. How fun that your Mr. D is in a band and enjoys playing some gigs and that he enjoys his music so much. I enjoyed reading about your days and think they sound pretty close to perfect!! xo

  9. As always I enjoyed reading your answers. I think as seniors we all have our routines and are thankful to be relaxed and enjoying our lives as best we can.
    I'm so glad you didn't lose power when the storm blew through!!

  10. It sounds like a perfect life! I look forward to my husband retiring!


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